Dirty blonde

Flowers on her pants and stains on the inside

She plays

Moving her hand tightly up and down the neck

Her lips play at the head

She wants to drink her sadness away but the infection would make her sick

Dirty on the inside her tears pure

She holds the glass between her legs

Sat at the computer she plays

Filthy words

She rakes her hair back with her fingers

She can feel the grease

She lowers her head

The glow from the computer burns her sleepy eyes

She places the bottle down and twists her legs up and under her

She keeps the web cam off

Typing trying typing trying

But her mind was still in the morning

Her head hit the pillow and he mounted behind her

In pain

In pain

In pain

But she moaned called to him cried his name

Did he know it was in pain?

In pain

His hair brushed at her shoulders

His wet breathes at her ears

I whispered words

Kind words

Her arms didn't fight there was no point

She closed her eyes

Fast fast fast

He uttered her name

In numb pain

Out he laid on her his skin damp

He curls around her

Kisses at her neck

Was that sex for him?

Was she just not ready for it?