Are we obliged to live for one another
When a few words bind us together
But would you even despair
If the rope was cut
If you were released

We pretend to be happy
In our own world
Where we mass produce fake feelings
Why bother to pretend?

As life sprouts from the spring floor

The hatred and spite clings onto each petal
It was hailing five minutes ago
And now the sun warms your heart
Would you believe everything I've said?
When the whistling air horn
Is too tired to blow
And the mirror
Is too drowsy to reflect
You'll know you've finally reached your goal
Younger, healthier, sexier
These characteristics rule our world
The very reason you're no longer around
You've succumbed to the power of image
To the quintessential image of us all
And you've left us all
Don't worry, I will soon follow

After all, we are bound