When you're stuck
And there's no way out
You can't decide
Whether to whine or to pout

We search through life
For the perfect mate
For the perfect one
For the one with the money and the looks
Isn't that the right way to search?
To marry for wealth and power
To impress and intimidate
That way is the way to live
With no worries, with no problems
When written or said aloud it may sound ridiculous
But to live this way, no one says a thing
Because they're all doing it as well
In anxious hope of some desirable outcome
But there will be none

When you're down you get to find yourself
When you drown you'll finally understand
As life is sucked from each tissue
You finally comprehend the glory of life
Only when it's stripped
Can it truly be appreciated
And we finally learn the lesson
The lesson that could have saved us centuries ago:

With no obligation to speech, no necessity of sound,
when redundance is obliterated, as unnoticed as the blur
of noise we call life, then we can find out what it truly
means to live.