Kill To Kill

As your life passed before your eyes
Would you have changed anything?
Or would you rather die?
Given the choice to work for life
You'd rather die
What a strange mistake to make.

You lynch oxymorons

Burn Paradox's at the stake
Send all your metaphors to the firing squad
And for what?
Your life is unsure
Your spirit is indifferent
Given the choice
You'd go no where
Life not so virtuous after all.

Smash it and snort it Smoke it and shoot it
And for what? For one short hour
Ephihanies hit you like cars on the highway
What good is the knowledge of life
When life isn't lived?
Would you truly like to know how to live
Rather than living?
Sacrifice love for the methods of happiness?
The dumbest of all species
Is right in front of us
We destroy the world like none other
We kill to kill
We die to die
We live to live
Nothing else
We kill to kill
We die to die
We live to live

That is all