Those deep brown eyes that shine so bright

I love you more than you could ever know

You are my baby, you are my life

I cry as I sit here and watch you grow

Every time I hear your words

From the first to the last

I keep them in my records

Every moment of the past

'I love you Auntie Heather'

I cry every time I hear

Your words like feathers

As you say them in my ear

When you took those first steps

A tear fell down my cheek

A blazing fire in my chest

Went straight down to my feet

I feel like you are my own

Watching you get older

But as you get more grown

I notice you get bolder

I fear for you with every move you make

I only want you to be alright

Then another scary step you take

And I don't want to let you out of my sight

When I baby-sit you

Then it's time for you to go

I frown, hug, and kiss you

My anguish you will never know

But if there is one thing you learn from me, your aunt

I want it to be

That you will never want

And I love you unconditionally

I will always love you more than words can express

Never fear you have nowhere to go

You always have me, you never have to guess

You can always come to me in my home

This is to my baby girl, the light of my life, my first niece,

my little one, my whole world. I will ALWAYS love you. My Savanna Leigh.