The Final Color

When the lights stop flashing
When the bulbs burn out
When Black is the only color
You're left with only your thoughts to guide you
They'll get you through
If you've ever thought of backing down
Of hiding in a corner
Here's your chance
But the black will turn to blue
And you'll drown in your tears

If the ocean was made of renegade waves
Would you ever be able to tell?
When they beat upon the shore
and their dreams are shattered by grains of sand

Not unlike you.
In the quiet serenity of life
Would it pay to be indifferent?
Or would that be your death?
Is your fate the same as those waves?
Destroyed by something unseen

Is it worth it to fight?
How far can your thoughts take you?
Are they enough to dissipate the darkness?
Or will you crumble?
Will you crumble?
You're bound to crumble
It's already begun

It's impossible to say what will come
But when the blue turns to green
Would you faith be restored?
Among the rapid chages of strangers
is anything really noticed?
How much do we miss?
Did life pass us by?
Did happiness follow?
Will death be the only thing seen?
Is green the final color?
Will we ever know?

Purple is disheartening and Red reminds us of Blood
Yellow's not enough and Pink just won't do
But with all the other colors living continues
Yet nothing changes
People are oblivious and death is imminent.
When it all comes to an end we'll never know
What could've been
And we will crumble
We will crumble
We will crumble.