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The Last of the Opera Ghost

Selina bolted upright. What was that? This was the third time she had woken up in the middle of the night this week alone. She glanced around the room nervously, fear half-hidden in her eyes. When she listened closely, she could hear vague, yet distinct, music. But that couldn't have been what woke her, could it? Selina lay back down, thinking of the stories her mother, Meg Giry, had told her. Her favorite was the story of the Opera Ghost. Strangely, though, she didn't believe a word of it. Since it was told to her when she was younger, Selina believed her mother was just making fun of her, testing how gullible she was. That being the sole reason she didn't believe it, she still liked to entertain other thoughts of magical things, such as fairies and nymphs and the like. Her friends teased her endlessly, telling her that her imagination was getting to big for her head, but she never stopped coming up with new and whimsical ideas. In fact, if there ever was a person who had a reason for everything, it was Selina. Though her reasoning was not always quite plausible, it never deterred her from thinking up the strangest ideas.

That was why the music bothered her so much. Selina had no idea where it came from, and why she so endlessly heard it. As she lay there she resolved that it was the music of fairies and their harps, but she still wondered why it woke her and no one else…

The next day was unusually quiet in the opera house. Last night had been the gala, so today was like a rest day for everyone. Selina decided to explore around some. She had once heard her mother talking about forgotten people who lived In the nooks and crannies of the opera house. At first she had thought that impossible but upon discovering the vastness of the place, she came to believe it. Today she was planning to try and find those people. She had asked Maryanne to go with her. Maryanne, of course, had agreed. Selina knew that whenever she had a crazy scheme, she could count on Maryanne to carry it out with her.

Meg Giry looked out the stage window to her daughter, Selina, and her friend, Maryanne. Selina was talking excitedly, her auburn hair whooshing around as she bobbed up and down. Maryanne stood still, her excitement being given away only in her eyes. Meg worried about her 14-year-old daughter. She had mentioned something about music late at night… For her daughters sake, she had brushed it off but she still wondered, could it be him…?

"Look! Another Passageway!" yelled Selina as she clambered through the narrow opening.

"Another one?" sighed Maryanne. "Listen maybe we should go back now. I don't even know where we're at and I'm kind of tired…"

"Oh, Come on! You can't chicken out now!" replied Selina. "Just…Whoa, look at these Candelabras!"

"Huh?" Maryanne said while wiping her forehead as it was practically drenched in sweat from running around.

"What's that?" whispered Selina a moment later. "Do you hear those footsteps? Can you tell where there coming from?"

"I don't know, everything echoes in here!' Maryanne said in an equally quiet voice. "Maybe we should leave…?"

The footsteps got louder, and all of a sudden Selina was twirled around, making her come face to face with none other than her own mother. Selina froze under her mothers intense glare. Without a word, Meg grabbed Selinas hand and pulled her toward the way she had came. Maryanne quietly followed, hoping to not be noticed.

Selina slumped down into the chair. Why had her mother not wanted her back there? She'd had no problem with it earlier that day. What made the difference? Her mother had told her to never go back that way again. Unfortunately for her, this only pricked Selina's curiosity more. She wondered if that was were the fairies stayed playing their spectacular music. Finally, Selina had had enough. She decided to confront her mother and figure out exactly what was going on.

Meg sat quietly in he chair, replaying what had happened over and over again in her mind. Long ago she had sworn to herself that she would never tell that story again. Yet here she was sitting there having just told it moments ago.

Selina had come into her room with a very serious look on her face. The moment Meg saw her she knew it was time to give her daughter the entire truth.

"It all started many years ago, with a dear friend of mine by the name of Christine. We were very close to each other, as we had been friends for many years. I knew she had aspirations of something of more importance than a mere dancer, but I never knew she did anything to accomplish that goal at all."

"Then, the day of the new opera managers arrival, our Prima Donna, Carlotta, had one of her infamous tantrums. Unfortunately for them, they did not know how to handle her right when she was in one of her moods and it all resulted in Carlotta stomping away, screaming for her dog and her bags. Of course this left the new manager in a pit of despair! But, along came Christine. She sang that night and everyone in the opera house watched with awe. Later that night, I found her in the chapel, lighting candles for her deceased father. She told me about an Angel of Music who taught her to sing. Now, even at that age, it was hard to convince me of something without solid evidence, so I took it as her just being in a dreamy state of mind due to that night's grand success. I dismissed what she said for riddles and folly. But the next day Christine was nowhere to be seen. I was scared out of my mind. When I went and checked her rooms, I noticed the mirror was slightly ajar like door. Out of natural curiosity, I went through it. I hadn't walked far when my mother came and pulled me out of the corridor."

"Like you did to me?" questioned Selina.

"Yes" replied Meg.

"But that's not the only reason you led me away…right?"

"No, it wasn't. Now there is more to the story if you have enough patience to wait and hear it." Selina nodded guiltily, but remained silent.

"Christine did not return for over a day. Madness reigned in the offices of the opera house. The new managers had now come to question their purchase of the place. Not only had two leading ladies disappeared, but now there were endless rumors of an opera ghost haunting the halls of the opera house."

"An opera ghost! You mean its actually real?! Not just a story!?" exclaimed Selina.

Meg gave her daughter a stern glance but nonetheless answered the question.

"Yes, it's all to real, for you see though I was never told everything, I believe he is the reason Christine briefly disappeared. When she came back, a note was found saying she was to have the lead in the upcoming play. For whatever frivolous reason, the new managers chose to give Carlotta the part. The night of the performance, disaster struck.

While on stage, Carlotta's voice left her leaving her only to croak. Also a sceneshifter was murdered. The next play after that was written by the ghost himself. In all ways, it was a trap; Christine was the victim. She disappeared the gala night. I went down the mirror corridor in an attempt to find her. In following that pathway I found a lake and a small house at the edge of it."

"Everything was deserted, with an eerie silence starting to descend. They say the ghost fled at the time but frankly I never believed it."

"What happened to Christine?" Selina asked anxiously.

"All ended well for her. She married Raoul de Chagny, and that life suited her well. We grew apart after she left the opera house."

Selina accepted this in silence, now worried about the music that seemed to intrude into her room without stop. As much as she had wanted to find out what it really was, or have her idea confirmed, she never wanted to discover the true horror behind that mysterious music.

Days passed without event and the music continued. Selina thought the music was getting louder, but at the same time she figured it was just paranoia. Finally, one night it just stopped. Selina lay awake waiting for it to start, but it never did. The next night and the next, Selina couldn't sleep wondering what happened. The next day she decided to do something to figure out what was going on.

It was another "free day", so Selina told her mother that she wasn't feeling well and she was just going to rest up. After that she hurriedly went over to the mirror in her room. Despite the fact that she had never said it, Selina was almost positive that she had Christine's old room. She quietly tugged at the mirror on the right end. It moved about an inch but otherwise would not budge. Undeterred, Selina kept pulling at it. At last, the mirror creaked outward, revealing a caliginous passageway. Selina was, of course, completely freaked out. Nevertheless, she went forward without a sound.

Selina felt as if she had been walking forever, when she encountered a small lake and house. Upon seeing it she gasped, not necessarily because if the way it looked but because of its exactness to what her mother described. The lake was the clearest blue she had ever seen. Sitting by the lake, the house showed an amazing knowledge of architecture. Selina mustered up all the courage she had and waded through a shallow part of the lake then walked up to the door of the house. Part of her desperately wanted to turn back, but she forced herself to stay put. A moment later, she took a deep breath and opened the door.

The first thing Selina noticed was a gigantic organ-like piano. It was alluring, exquisite, and most obviously the centerpiece of the room. Selina glanced around and saw only one door aside from the one she came in through. Once again, se had to round up all her courage. Selina took hold of the doorknob and, after a moments hesitation, walked through the door. When seeing what was in that room, she had to restrain herself from screaming. This room was a bedroom and as soon as you opened the door an enormous four-poster bed loomed out at you. Inside the bed was a pale, and old, man. It only took a second glance to see that the man was dead. Somehow Selina knew this was the composer of the awe-inspiring music that she had so often heard. She also figured out that this was the nefarious opera ghost.

Selina had stumbled her way back to hr room and immediately went to bed. When her mother came in to check on her "sick" daughter, she found her to actually look somewhat sick. Meg Giry waited for Selina to come around before leaving. So when Selina woke up, she saw her mothers face. Without any second thought she spilled everything she knew and had just found out. During all this Meg stayed completely noiseless. As soon as Selina stopped, Meg hushed her daughter and told her to go back to sleep, that she had gone through enough for the day.

The next time Selina woke up it was morning. She went through the day expecting something to happen, but nothing happened. Several days went by in that same fashion. Then one day a note was slid under her door. It thanked her for finally solving the rest of the mystery of the Opera Ghost. Included was what must have been a weeks worth of pocket change. When she asked her mother about this she showed no sign at all of having any clue where it came from. Selina would have doubted her but the quizzical look on her face told her that she truly did not know. Despite all her efforts Selina never found out where it came from and what had happened to that ghostly pale man in the house by the lake.