Title: Getting A Fairytale

Author: CKShorty

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Within Five Years, Things Change : 1

Jude stretched his arms as he stood in line; ready to leave the Country of Russia that he had fun spending his time in. He glanced back at his assistant, giving her a small smile as she glanced up from her planner, adjusting her glasses. She returned the smile, resting her hand on his bicep as she showed him what they had planned for next week. To anyone, they would seem like a quiet, normal couple, but they were nothing more than a boss and his assistant that planned everything for him.

At the age of twenty-three, Jude Hayes was on top of the world, sitting on his empire of money. He thanked his mother for everything. She had found his sketchbooks of clothing and she got the brilliant idea of him helping her design clothes for boys of all ages. He was a success. Anywhere teenagers were, they were sporting his clothes that weren't too expensive. Shirts were twenty bucks at the most and the jeans were the average price of thirty. With success, temptation came from women. They wanted him for his money as he appeared more and more often on television, promoting clothing lines and merging with other famous designers. At times he gave into the temptation and other times, he dismissed it.

A certain black haired princess haunted him.

He had wanted to call her and return her phone calls. He received four phone calls a few weeks after he left and he ignored them, taking the advice that others gave him. It was time to get serious and think about the future. Rehab worked out and he became clean, this year marking number five. Five years of being clean and he was proud of himself, along with everyone else. He was a new man. Work was important and he didn't have time to date. He was known to be cold towards women, but had his share of fun with them when he could. He didn't care much about them. They were just there to entertain himself with. Jude figured that he would forget about Katelyn while he took the time to become serious about his life, having the thought that she would wait for him.

Rush Residence

Katelyn sighed as she walked in, blowing her bangs annoyingly away from her eyes, smiling when she saw Laurie sitting on the couch in the large apartment. Laurie and Andy shared an apartment, though Laurie considered it hers since Andy was hardly ever around. Laurie smiled, getting up excitedly. "So, are we going to have a girls' night or are you too pooped?"

"I'm fine. I just had to finish an art project that took forever to perfect, but I managed. We can have a girls' night tonight for sure! Male strip club and tequilas all around!"

"Sounds like fun!"

Laurie hadn't changed over the five years. She kept her hair the same length and surprisingly, she grew a whole two inches that she was very proud of. Andy didn't think it was that big of a deal, but pretended it was to make his fiancé happy.

That's right, fiancé.

Two years back he asked her to marry him, which Katelyn thought was the sweetest thing in the world. She didn't expect Andy to ask her. Not many people expected it. Andy liked to flirt and he didn't seem like the type to settle down, but he admitted that he wanted to be with Laurie. Katelyn trusted that he would make Laurie happy and would spend as much money as he could on their wedding day to make it perfect for Laurie. But there was no date arranged just yet. Andy was too busy and Laurie was getting sick of never seeing him because of baseball. Laurie attended cosmetology school, hoping to become a great hair stylist or make-up artist. Either one, she would be happy with.

Katelyn threw her hair up in a ponytail, bringing down strands to frame her face and she glanced at Laurie, seeing her new tan that she got from the beach. Adding a tan to her skin and having her bright green eyes gave her an exotic look and Katelyn was slightly jealous and she told Laurie that. She just laughed.

"Did you talk to Andy lately?"

"Nah, not since two days ago. He had some meeting or whatever, then a press appearance about the big win they just had."

"He amazed me with how fast he ran to win the game. He needs to take an easy with that leg though."

"I know," Laurie sighed, applying more eyeliner to her eyes as she stared at herself in the mirror. From the accident five years ago, he had to use a cane for a while, then after four months he could walk without it. Doctors were somewhat wrong, finding out that if Andy worked out too much with his leg, he would experience small stings of pain in his leg, but he didn't stop playing baseball. He knew Laurie worried about him, but it was a passion.

Laurie finished with her make-up, tossing everything to her purse as she glanced back at her best friend. She bit her lip, hesitant to bring up a sore spot. "Have you talked to Jude?"

Katelyn stopped searching through her purse, glancing up briefly before forcing a small smile, looking back into her purse. "No, I haven't. I haven't thought about him in so long that I seriously kinda forgot about him," she told her, lying completely. She was with another man, she was older, and Jude hadn't ever returned her calls. She got the hint. She knew that Jude still called his family and talked with Andy a lot, but she didn't want to acknowledge the fact that he still existed. 'Feels like we went back to the way we were before.'

"Oh..right." Laurie smiled, tilting her head as she glanced at the television. "He's coming back home for Christmas, you know."

"Oh, really," she asked dryly, zipping her purse shut and giving her friend a glare. "And how long did you know this?"

"Two weeks. I didn't want to tell you! You would've found a way to leave with Zach to a different country for Christmas just to avoid Jude. Listen, I know Jude really hurt you and he left a huge hole in your heart, but you could at least see him when he comes back and try to mend things."

Katelyn hated how Laurie was almost always right and she was the person to go to about love. "Mend things?" She asked the question slowly, hurt flashing through her eyes briefly as she gazed at the floor to avoid Laurie's eyes. "That would take a while. I'm sure he's just here to visit and then he's back to his job and traveling all over the world to promote new clothing lines and whatnot. He doesn't have time to sit here and patch things up, I'm sure. I bet he's engaged and everything. They always talk about him on television and how he's linked to all these young socialites."

"So? It's gossip Katelyn. They gossip about you breaking up with Zach all the time and it hasn't happened yet. You two are still going strong even though he's not really around a lot." 'Can't wait to see how Jude will react to that little bit of information about them being engaged. I'm sure Andy forgot to mention it.' "Listen, Jude will be here next weekend and Andy and myself are going to meet him for dinner. Be there, or be square."

"What the hell does that mean?"

Laurie shrugged, making her best friend smile. "I'm not sure, I heard it on a television show I was watching recently. But seriously, do it for me at least. I'll remind you next week sometime and give you the directions to the restaurant we're all meeting at. Don't be a brat Kate," she warned, glaring slightly. She knew that Jude was single and hadn't had a girlfriend over the last five years. She made Andy tell her everything they talked about and he easily gave into her.

Katelyn sighed, keeping the smile on her face. "I'll think about it," she mumbled, glancing at the time and picking up her purse, waiting for Laurie to slip her shoes on. She clenched and unclenched her fists, biting her lip as she watched her best friend. Coming face to face with Jude after the years would be awkward and she wasn't actually dying to see him–so she kept telling herself.

Radlar Residence

Zach glanced at the telephone as it started to ring, glancing at the time as he stood up, yawning loudly. He looked around for Katelyn, shrugging when he didn't see her. She had been dropped off by Laurie and he figured she was somewhere in the house. He answered the phone, yawning when he heard that it was Andy. Katelyn grunted as she bent over, lifting up the blanket and smiling slowly when she saw a familiar pink box peeking out from behind other objects. She moved over a shoe, a shirt, and then grabbed the box, pulling the box out slowly. She sat up when she pulled the box out, dust covering her fingers as she turned it around to eye it, her smile turning into one of sadness as she shook the top away from the bottom, listening to it fall on the wooden floor with a heavy thump.

I found that box of letters
Lying on the ground
The ones you used write me before it all went down
I even got a paper cut trying to figure out
what to do with all these memories.

She smiled when she took out a picture of Jude and herself from the third grade at a zoo. She eyed how Jude had his arm around her, making a face at the camera as she smiled nicely. She placed it on her lap, swallowing slowly when the next picture was of Jude and her in the movie theater, giving a peace sign as they placed their heads close together. She put the picture down, glancing out the door when she heard Zach talking on the phone.

And you're not who you used to be...
and I wonder where you've gone.
Have you fallen in a black hole?
Somewhere there's a universe of missing stuff
What happened to the good times?
What happened to the moments where we had so much?
Where's the love
Where's the love

Their relationship was a surprise to her, but it happened. Zach was there to comfort her when Jude left and she clung to his comfort. Soon enough, they were spending more and more time together and as Jude ignored her calls, she decided to block him out of her mind. Zach asked her out, they dated, and years later, he surprised her by proposing. She hesitated, but accepted. She cared about Zach, but something–possibly her heart, told her that she didn't love him as much as she loved Jude.

I wanna go there
And I wanna know where
Everything that meant something to me is all

I found that box of lettersUsed to make me smile
But now I feel so lonely

She pulled out a note that was folded, unfolding it gently and staring with emotionless eyes as she read 'I LOVE YOU' that was written in big letters and had a smiley face. At the bottom, it was scribbled that he was bored during Science class and decided to let her know he loved her. She gave a small smile at the memory, folding it back up and gasping softly when a tear fell onto the small piece of paper. She felt her cheek, feeling the moisture and she wiped her cheek, looking up when she heard a footstep. Her brown eyes widened slightly in surprise, but she smiled at Zach, placing the note and pictures back in the box.

What happened to the moments...
The moments where we had so much
Where's the love? x4

"Who was that on the phone?"

"Andy, he came back home and was looking for Laurie. I told him that she dropped you off and should be back anytime now. What're you doing?"

Has he fallen in a black hole?

"Just going through this old thing looking at pictures of friends and whatnot," she told him, getting up with the box and placing the top back over. She walked over to their closet, pushing the doors open and walking in, looking for a shelf to place the box on so she could finish another day. Zach walked over, his black hair falling into his eyes as he bent down, kissing her temple as he took the box away from her.

Has he fallen in a black hole?

"I'll put it up here for you since every other shelf is taken up by your damned shoes," he teased, reaching for a top shelf and placing the box on it carefully. He wiped his dust-covered hands on his sweat pants, smiling down at Katelyn who he found staring at her. "I'm tired, are you?"

"I am," she answered quietly, giving him a small smile as she let thoughts race through her mind. Even though they were living together and engaged, she had never said those three words to him. He had said it plenty of times and she would merely kiss him afterwards since she found it hard to mouth the words. She told herself she should be happy with a man who had a future ahead of him in basketball and other things. He was already the star player on his college team and he was getting them far. "Let's go to bed," she told him, slipping her hand into his, hoping to forget that certain someone.

That certain man that use to be her cocky prince with dazzling clear blue eyes.

Has he fallen in a black hole..

This would've been out ALOT sooner, but I had uploading issues for at least a week or more, so sorry for the wait. Wasn't my fault one bit! And thus, a sequel is born. Not much happened in here, but of course, like I always say, more happens in later chapters. You got to peek into the lives of the main characters–almost all of them, and you got to see what was going on and what they were doing with their life. I already know that people won't approve of Katelyn and Zach's relationship, but don't kill me! Things will happen, just wait. I hope this will be just as enjoyable as the one before :) Let me know what you think! Sorry for any grammar/misspellings. I try!

So yes, it's clearly five years later, most of the characters in college. Jude, Andy, Laurie, Claudia, and Kendall are twenty-three years old. Katelyn is twenty-two, along with Zach. Laurie and Katelyn were the same age in DAFT, but Laurie has an earlier birth date, so that's why their age isn't matched up yet. Don't get confused.

Black Hole by Lindsay Lohan