Cause you're all I want

You're all I need

You're everything, everything


The baseball player flinched, looking over his shoulder with a sheepish smile on his face. He stood up, turning away from the little girl to face Katelyn. "Yes?" He asked innocently.

She placed her hands on her slim waist, something she was glad to get back after her pregnancy with her daughter. "Did I hear right? Something about the birds and the bees?"

He wagged his finger at her, "If someone has questions about sex, I am the person to ask," he told her, grinning boyishly. He held his shoulder after Katelyn punched at him, picking up her daughter as she passed him.

Jude and herself were blessed with a baby girl soon after their marriage. Katelyn blamed Jude on the sudden pregnancy since he couldn't keep his hands to himself. He blamed it on her, saying that she wasn't little Ms. Innocent and she was the impatient one, protection sometimes forgotten.

It didn't matter. They were happy with their girl, naming her McKella. Jude immediately went into 'overprotective father' mode as soon as he found out it was a girl that came into the world. Katelyn thought it was ridiculous, but cute at the same time. McKella inherited her light blonde hair from Katelyn's side of the family and Jude's clear blue eyes that caught everybody's attention. Jude and Andy already knew guys would chase after her.

They had their threats planned out ahead of time.

Jude continued designing clothes and traveling, but he didn't stay gone for long because of his family. Katelyn didn't mind that he traveled all over the world, but she hated the models and other girls he had to be around that flirted with him when they clearly knew he was a married man.

Katelyn got her dream job of being a teacher for preschoolers. She couldn't get enough of it. She loved children, minus the children that were demon spawns and threw tantrums about everything.

She balanced McKella on her hip, smiling at Andy. "You, sir, will not give my daughter the sex talk."

He held his hands up in defense, the smile lingering on his face. "Hey, she wants to know where babies come from and inquisitive minds deserve to know."

Andy had matured a great deal, but kept his perverted nature around that people knew him for. He still loved Laurie just as much as he did in high school, possibly even more. After giving birth to the twins, they had another boy, naming him Dominique. Laurie didn't get the girl she constantly prayed for, but she had another chance since she was currently four months pregnant. She said that Andy would certainly "get fixed", whether he likes it or not. It was apparent who still wore the pants in the relationship, no question about it.

Melissa appeared, taking McKella away from Katelyn and kissing the blonde on her cheek, earning a giggle from her.


Kevin was stationed at the grill, flipping meat patties and turning hotdogs. They were having a small family barbeque at Andy and Laurie's place, set in the backyard.

Kevin and Melissa had a little girl named Leslie. Mary and Katelyn excitedly welcomed the latest addition to their growing family.

"I think you get too detailed when talking about sex, buddy," Jude spoke, stopping next to Katelyn. He smiled slightly, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. "How's the leg?"

Andy shrugged, slipping his hands into the front pocket of his hoodie. Laughter and yelling from his three boys caught his attention for a minute. "Physical therapy is helping, but I'm thinking about sitting out the next game. The doctor has said not everyone heals properly from a accident, after all."

Time to time, Jude still felt censurable about involving Andy in the car accident, even though Andy told him not to. He forgave his friend and people made mistakes, some larger than others. Andy picked up Dominique after he ran into his leg, checking his pants to see that he of course, had grass stains.

Jude grinned, "Who would've thought that Andy Rush, the biggest pervert in school, would turn out to be a successful baseball player and a family man? It surprises everyone, I'm sure. Even me."

Katelyn smiled slightly, "I kinda expected you to turn into a bachelor who screwed every female in sight."

Andy let his mouth drop open in mock surprise, putting Dominique down and shooing him away as the twins ran by. "Me? Geez, thanks. It's nice to know that you two didn't think much of me."

"And Laurie, of all people," Katelyn continued, "you normally went for the bright colored blonde cheerleaders waltzing around, but instead you went for Laurie."

"Hey, what can I say? She caught my attention and managed to keep it." He shrugged, "Well, I thought Jude would turn out to be some drug addict who bummed off of everyone, wasn't invited to special occasions, and only called when he needed money for some drugs or some shit like that."

Jude's grin fell from his face, "Thanks."

He smiled good-naturedly, his green eyes darting to Katelyn. "And you...hmm, I kinda wished that you would want to take up the career of stripping after high school, because damn-"

"Andy, shut up!"

The three of them looked to see Laurie making her way over to them, a glare on her face as she rested her hand on her slightly swollen stomach. When it came to Andy flirting or saying something improper, she seemed to have supersonic hearing. Jude smirked as Andy let his shoulders slouch, his mouth opening to explain himself.

Some things never change.

"I just got off of the phone with Claudia," Katelyn spoke behind the bathroom door, Jude slipping on his sweat pants, as he got ready for bed. "She says hi and she said that they should be coming to visit pretty soon."

Claudia and Kendall had moved, taking Sophie with them so they could be closer to their other family members. Sophie was heart broken since she had to leave everyone she grew up with, but it was mostly because she was madly in love with Andy. She quickly got over that when she moved, falling for someone her age. Katelyn turned off the bathroom light as she walked out, closing the door and hopping into their bed as Jude placed his dirty clothes in the hamper sitting in the corner of their room.

"McKella asleep?"

"She is. She went out like a light," he told her, turning around to face her as he started to tie the drawstring around his waist. His fingers slowed down when he caught sight of her in one of his large shirts, her slender shoulder exposed along with her legs. He was curious as to if she had only underwear on underneath the long shirt.

"I'm not surprised! She ran around all day and night with the boys' non-stop and then she played with Leslie before we left." She smiled at him as he turned off the light, climbing in with her under the sheets and giving her a soft kiss as she lay on her back. He propped himself up on his elbow, "So, what do you think about what Andy said earlier today?"

She barely heard the question when a warm hand snuck its way under the shirt. "What did he say?"

He rolled his eyes slightly, "That he thought I would grow up to be some drug addict."

"I think it could've been a possibility if you didn't get help when you did."

"I guess…"

"I didn't think we'd get married. I mean, come on. You were such a brat our whole lives-"

"And you weren't?" He questioned, raising a brow as he stroked the soft skin of her abdomen.

"I wasn't as extreme as you were…" She paused, smiling at him. "I couldn't stand to be around you sometimes—most of the time. All I can say is, thank God you grew up and matured…"

"I could say the same. I didn't like being around you because you were so annoying…"

She poked his bare chest. "You liked it."

"And you thought you knew everything…"

"Women are always right," she stated matter-of-factly.

"Or so they think," he added.

She smiled, "Guys' just don't want to admit it." She kissed him lightly on his lips, "Goodnight, daddy."

His brows shot up in interest, "Daddy? Are we role playing or what?"

She raised a brow, the smile remaining on her face. "Role playing? You know I think role playing is a very cheesy thing that couples do…"

'Daddy?' "You can't talk bad about it until you try—daddy?" His blue eyes widened considerably, "As in…are you pregnant?!"

"A little slow tonight, aren't we?" She murmured lightheartedly, accepting the lustful kiss that he planted on her lips.

They both wanted their fairytale ending, but they realized that they couldn't get the 'perfect' fairytale ending that was seen in movies. Their fairytale had flaws, like so many things in the world. They argued and had their disagreements like any other couple. They had their little fights over ridiculous things that didn't really matter later on. Both of them gladly put the past troubles behind them, troubles that caused a rift between them that they were glad didn't last.

They weren't the perfect couple with the perfect relationship, but if they had each other, it was perfect enough for them.

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