There's really no plan for where this is going. Just read and enjoy for as long as possible.


I'm guessing princesses are supposed to be happy, right?

All the fairy tales tell about perfect, beautiful princesses living in perfect, beautiful castles going to perfect, beautiful balls and finally meeting their perfect, beautiful princes who they get married to and ride off into perfect, beautiful sunsets with and live out the rest of their perfect, beautiful lives. And then they have daughters and the cycle begins all over again.

Except the princes are perfect and handsome, but for the moment beautiful worked better.

Except the gene pool must have gone awry because princesses are certainly not perfect and would look like normal people if their job title was stripped away. Except princesses have better things to do than go to frivolous balls. Except every one out of three castles are dark, cold, and have absolutely no privacy whatsoever.

Except the princess usually has to marry for the good of her country, to a stranger she may neither like nor love.

Though I'm grateful for the fact I'm guaranteed a job, food and shelter for the rest of my life, the certain last perk I mentioned is something I didn't agree to just because I was born into this position. It's really the worst part about being a princess.

So now I'm predicting happiness is a long time coming?

You have no idea.