Satan and Caskpher

When I open my eyes and open my mind to be given the first secret I feared. I did not fear for myself but for the world. Then the lord spoke and said, it is good that you feared not for yourself, for evil comes to us all. And great is the reward for those who over come it. Now I can write the mystery of Satan and caskpher. There is one other thing I was told to disrobe for this reason. Great is the man who can bear his nakedness and not be ashamed. And when I stood naked before the lord I felt no shame.

Now the lord walked with me and led me to this mountain. And the lord said I shall not tell you the name of this mountain until you find full understanding in all that's revel to you. For this is the mountain for which Satan fell upon after he was cast out. For when he land upon it all that grew here died. And his brothers who was cast out after him was shatter on the earth in difference places. It took 40 years for him to gather them all up. And when Satan came to know that he was cast out upon the earth his evil spoke.

I shall go deep within this place to rule. And so he and his brothers with deep within the earth core. Than Satan said, this shall be my new kingdom. And I shall rule here. And he named his kingdom rumahT which in Hebrew mean the six hours. And the father pay no mind to Satan afterward. For in the mind of the father he had a new creature in mind for which later he called MAN. For it is not as man wrote, that Satan would not bow down to the image of GOD. Be sought to SIT on the RIGHT side of the father and rule.

This was EAON even before the EXIST of the son of GOD's. And this was the reason the Satan put in the mind of MAN that JESUS was not the son of GOD. For Satan was not there at my BIRTH. Rather he came after. For him Satan believes he was the first SON of GOD. And when Satan came to realize that he was not a SON but a servant he than challenge the father and was cast out. That was the beginning. Now after making everything in the universal the father looked again and saw a beautiful blue planet for which he called earth. In the true Hebrew tongue it means CASKPHER. Which mean WATERPLACE. And the father said I shall make this my footstool and my GARDEN. And I shall put man here to keep it.

Now the lord said to me I shall not revel to you the true name of AMAD. Nor his existing nor his true nature. For man shall seek after it and polluted it. For man is ARROGANT. Which mean angry counsels of mad power? Made to live by their father Satan. Than the lord said to me. Come with me now for I shall take you upon this mountain. And I said lord; I do not yet have full understanding. And the replied what is full understanding? Tell it to me if you can! And I could not. Than the lord said walk this way with me. For any other way is evil and would desire you.

And the lord and I walked for what seem like a day. And a question came to my mind. But I dare not ask it. But the lord knew it. Then the lord said what is a NAM if he speaks not. And I said lord be not angry with me, but my soul fears this place. Than the lord said you soul fears for good reasons. For the place you stand on is evil itself. And when he said that I feared a lot. And the lord knew this and said; HUMAN reasoning is just that NAMUH reasoning. Now put it away and terry not.

But it was hard for me to do so. Han the lord said I would show you two things about this mountain. The beginning of it and the end of it. And I open my mind to see the mystery shown to me. Bit it was not in my mind that I saw these thing. For it was not for me to see but hear. Than the lord spoke to the mountain and when he finish he said to me. Write nothing that you heard me said, but write all that this place will tell you. And when the mountain is again silent I would revel its name. And I said to the mountain the lord will you to speak and I shall listen till you are silent again. Than the mountain said I will speak only to the question you ask. And for these reason dear readers I lost my human fears. And I said to the mountain I know that this is the place of Satan great fall, but tell me of his awaking?

Than the mountain said this is a great thing you ask. Now its shall be reveled. But to your follow man its shall remain a mystery. Than this place said write quickly for I shall not said it again. And with all my wits about I began to write. When Satan felled upon me and awaking me I ask for what reason is this? And Satan said where is this place and what is you name? I reply what is you new name angel? Satan did not answer but looked around. Than said I AM Lucifer SON of the morning STAR. Than a voice came from heaven and said, for you have lost your crown you are Satan. And with great madness he cursed the place for which he came. And decreed that he shall made his new KINGDOM within me. Than my name was EASE from me for I agreed with Satan to make his new KINGDOM in me.

Than I asked, why did you turn away from GOD? The mountain replies for I stood here before time and knew loneliness, for I did not know my own worth. Than I said, all the things the grew here grow no more. Than the mountain said, that those thing for which you speak of was my worth. Than I said, now briefly tell me of the agreement between you and Satan. He said with his head bow low. My BODY rose BENT double in contrition the father had put us far from his light and his grace.

And I said to Satan, your feet tread on your way to survive some memory of his grace. Stand reply. His LIFELIKE GRACE is ON YOUR Mountain FACE. Who had been GIVING to LIE on the EARTH? Make this pack with me? And I shall give you back that grace. But I reply, to remain as MATTER no! But to be like his TLOBREDNUHT, his great TOWER and to sit at the father side with DAM dreams of Power. Offer me this thing. Stan replied, with pain and the slain of NAM children I do swear.

And when the father heard of our pack. He decreed this: death upon you both and more to you ailboa-mouht. He said be your own despair and give it chase that for all your days shall smell the fatal ornament. And you Satan shall fall upon the TEMPLE of CYRUS and all your children shall cry for death. They shall be broken and murder and overthrown and lost upon this stone and this stone shall bear their grief. And as I was about to write more the lord said to me. Seeker of souls write no more.

For you shall now come with me and I shall show you the true fall of NAM. And with that I placed my pen down.

Ronald Campbell