all the things left unsaid in our dance

around each other and each


and now you're gone

the way you used to laugh

say uneasily

(or perhaps teasingly)

to your seat partner

"she's looking at you"

you were right

but you were easy on the eye too

but love asks not why or how

but things

might have been different-

and now you're gone

to think of what might have been

how things could have gone-

how you might still have been here-

frowning, smiling, joking

living, loving, laughing

the way you did

the way i thought you did

the way i remember

and now you're gone

the breath no longer moves within

you; your face is blurred

in ashes, in memory

(ad memoriam)

and today


you have vanished

this time from something i thought would


a small thing perhaps, the loss of one contact

amidst many

but i noticed

when your name- your email address- your


simply no longer existed.

where are you now?

i never really knew you.

death, the great divider

widening the gap already between us