Here's the deal. Well, no deal. I mean, okay, I know I got really positive reviews for "Hell's Angel", and I know I pretty much hated the story, and someone in the reviews - that I was just reading over because it gave me warm fuzzies - - suggested on fleshing it out a bit more or something like that - anyways, my muse has been sleeping, but I feel like writing, so this - the plot probably won't develop much - and in case you're getting all excited, don't get your hopes up yet. Keep reading.

I plan on attempting a rewrite. The story might deviate a lot; it might not at all, depending on how my muse decides to kick in. However, and anyone who cares might just come and threaten me or something if I do this, but there is a chance I'll get halfway through the rewrite and lose all interest and drop it all. That is a possibility. So you've been forewarned, all those who would even care to read a rewrite. Don't kill me if it doesn't happen.

I just wanted to say that.

Rewrite being at: chronicallyamused.

Oh, and in case you're a new reader, it might suit your fancy to read a rewritten