Told in retrospect of a story my Dad told me a while back, then he played 'Tangled up in the Blue'. I loved the lyrics, couldn't say as much for the song though. The rhythm from the song doesn't match this, but the last line is familiar. Crticism is most welcome. Enjoy.

I kissed my dreams good bye today

She called me by my name

No sweetie, no baby, just good ole' Dave

So I knew it'd never be the same

I tried to hug her before she left

But she ran on down the way

I couldn't tell her I loved her

She'll find another way

Said "I'll miss you"

She said it wasn't true.

Said that 'love isn't the thing for you'

With nothing to confide I died a little more inside

I considered her a small loss

I wouldn't chase her 'cross the state

The women came like summer rain

But I remember to this date

That feelings for them were far and few

Sometimes never really there

And I spilled my seeds in vain

As a hand stoked through my hair

'Wish it was hers' I said to her

'Wish it was who's?' she asks

I said nothing, she pushed me back

And told to me to relax

I had a pocket full change

That I used to buy a drink

I knew she'd frown upon me

So I dumped it down the sink

Fought myself for self control

Couldn't do it in NY

I knew they saw me stumbling out

But none of them would try.

In a drunken stupor I slept that night

Thoughts swimmin' through my head

Wonderin' what she's doin' now

If her hair is still red

'I did it for you' her voice said to me

As I lie down on my bed

Dad sighed, mom tried to stifle a cry

'of course it isn't red'

My eyes still burned with unshed tears

Her smiling face burned bright

I decided then I'd run away

I decided then that night

That I'd hitch a ride to Vegas

And hope to catch a meal

I needed a lift, said his wood was still stiff

But he already struck the deal

I got my ride to the city of lights

The only cost my pride

He smiled before he drove a way

I shied to another side

What more was I gonna give up

Until I'd really see

That I'd never find what I was looking for

Until she found me

I needed to feel her next to me

I was caught up in a trance

But I was willing to find a substitute

To join me in our dance

I found her on a city street

In line a mile long

I dodged a few, but her I knew

At her feet played our song

Just a stranger in the wind

Passing by with loving lies

But I knew your lies were true

So let me love you

Her back faced mine as I stare

Into her glowing red hair

Thoughts of her came back to me

Nostalgia filled the air

I couldn't, it was too wrong

I turned to run away

Not even the locks of New Orleans

Could keep my tears at bay

"Hey Stud" she called out to me

But I kept on walking by

She sucked her teeth in a familiar way

I turned to meet her eye

It was her, I'd found my lover lost

A needle in the hay

Had I changed so much from then

Did she know me either way?

Just a wonderin' I did from that day on

All the notions in my head

What if I hadn't run away?

What if I hadda said

I loved you then, I loved you now

Some things will never die

She'd dance circles round my feather hair

With a gleamin' in her eyes

Kiss me deadly I would say to her

And I'd die there in her arms

Inside I knew, the wind still blew

And struck a loud alarm

She's not the girl I used to know

Not the red-haired devotee

That knew where lie her right of way

In bed right next to me

She strode her way into my heart

Then danced right on out the door

Still I think about the choice I'd made

Kept me coming back for more

Been a drunken fool for far too long

Thought she hand me in a slump

I've been truckin' from town to town

With aching in my hump

Coulda sworn when I'd see her

My future would be bright

But I'd gone astray and ran away

And cried to the morning light

Thought fate was brining her back to me

Thought we had a chance at last

But that ship had sailed long ago

A white flag on its mast

I won't wander anymore

I'm tired, been away far too long

So I took all of my memories

And wound them in a song

Who knew,

Tangled up in the Blue