This account will be deleted shortly.

I would offer something in the way of an apology but the truth is, I'm too fed up to care. I've been dealing with several issues where people have taken my material, reposted it and claimed it as their own work. I am now being accused of theft myself.

That's right, someone out there thinks I stole the idea for Downfall from them. Never mind that the novel has been posted on this site for years (or was in its previous incarnation, "Out of Nowhere"). Never mind the fact that I first wrote this novel on a typewriter before the internet was widely available and have been working to perfect it ever since. Never mind that I have lived and breathed these characters for a decade.

I've become too disillusioned with the entire online publishing ordeal and have been considering pulling my works for some time now. That's what it's become to me. An ordeal.

Though having my works online has introduced me to a variety of creative, talented folks and given me a chance to receive some amazing feedback from others, I am no longer of the opinion that the rewards outweigh the risks. I am tired of having to contend with others claiming their works for my own.

I will not tolerate being accused of theft myself. Especially not on something I have sacrificed so much of my life for. Not when I've majored in English and know full well the legal penalties of doing so, and the emotional pain that comes from having something you've poured your heart and soul into stolen by another.

I'll my fictionpress account and posting only chapter-long previews of each of my works on my website. I am also in the long overdue process of getting genuine copyright protection for my ideas and my characters and the massive volumes of papers I have already completed.

To all of my readers and especially my reviewers, THANK YOU for taking time to sit down and read over my works. Your feedback is invaluable, and those little "new review" emails have had a way of brightening up my day in ways I can not describe. I know I don't respond to them (full time job full time college schedule leaves little time for communication and I hate not having the time to respond with something that wouldn't come off as sounding hastily-composed), but I wanted to post this as a way of letting you all know how much I love hearing your feedback, and that I do take all your critiques and suggestions into consideration. As much as I love reading about what I'm doing right, I always appreciate the insight into things that can be improved upon. Your feedback had helped me better my craft, and I could not ask for a greater gift than that. I am in the process of saving all of these reviews and critiques to my hard drive, so that I can keep them even if the stories are going away.

If you've read this far and would, for whatever reason, like to stay updated on a certain story, drop me an email, or a review on this entry (as it will stay up for a while explaining where I've gone), and I'm sure we can work something out. I know a few of you were anticipating the ending of Jinx, and I really do plan on finishing it soon.

To the rest, thank you again for reading and reviewing or just stopping by. Sorry to leave so suddenly, but I think this is the best thing for both me as a writer and the safety of my work.