I was walking through the city streets, moving through the mist like it was glue. I couldn't tell what time it was or where I was.

All I knew was that HE had her. He was killing her somewhere around here and the mist wouldn't let me see where. The mist was his ally and my enemy.

I screamed and clutched my head, trying to push back the demons that had sprung forth in my mind. Memories of bodies, so many bodies, came back to me in a wave of blood and pain.

Rape, mutilation, bondage, and murder crammed themselves into my head as I searched the streets.

I heard her scream somewhere to my right and I ran toward them. Ran toward the terror he created in my mind. Ran toward the murder I knew he was going to commit.

She screamed again and I stopped running. The mist swirled around me for a second, then parted like the Red Sea. I saw her and fell to my knees, the images in my mind screaming out warnings.

She was like the others. The ends of her arms were bloody stumps and her face was cut to look like an X's and O's game. What once must have been long beautiful red hair was torn out her head, only the bloody patches remaining. A body which was perfect by today's standards was now severely marred by the X's and O's he had cut into her skin.

I felt him move close to me. Felt the bloody knife in his hand as he wiped it clean. He chuckled, knowing exactly what he was doing to me. It was a game we had played before. I had lost.

"I'm ready for another game, my love." He whispered. "I'm back, and I have more toys and tools to try out."

In the next second, his shadow was beside the girl, reaching out to her corpse. He tsked.

"I don't think she liked my game, sweet. Didn't like it at all."

I clutched my head again as he sent another movie of his 'games'. I hissed and pulled at my hair, slowly forcing the images back at him.

I caught my breath, stood up, and gritted my teeth.

"I don't like your fun, Gamer. Playtime is over."

He chuckled again. I felt him brush up against me mentally and I fought to push him out. I succeeded, but it only seemed to amuse him farther.

"On the contrary, it is only beginning. You play good guy, I play villain. You play cop, I play robber. You play detective, and I'll play sadistic killer."

I bit the inside of my cheek so hard that it bled. Anything to avoid screaming. Anything to not let him see how he sparked terror in my soul. Anything.

This time when he touched, it was more physical than mental. I could swear I felt his hand slide across my neck.

"Maybe one day I'll play Hangman with you, my love, but for now, its time to wake up. See you soon."

No longer able to hide the terror, I bolted out of bed and screamed until my throat was raw.

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