Me, You, and Shyness

Why do I get shy

around u?

I don't know

Some people

mistaken it

for acting bitchy

Maybe I just

dont know

what 2 say

2 u

Maybe I want u

2 start a conversation

If u start talking 2 me

I'll probably

talk back

Were both

shy when we want

to be

We both need to overcome

our shyness and

open up to


I think we should

tell eachother


Since we are a

couple now

Now what are we going

to do about this

We both have to

do things to

not feel shy around


Now what do u say?

I know your shy

and all

but u shouldn't

be scared or nervous

to ask me a simple ?

U should be comfortable around me

since we've known

eachother 4 the longest

R U shy around me cuz u dont

know what 2 say 2 me

R U shy cuz i'm

one of ur first girlfriends

and u dont know how 2

act around me

Or are u just shy when ur boys around

since ur trying to

impress both of us

at the same time

but can't

Shyness is something we both have

to work on to me its a 2-way street

We both have 2 do something

to ovecome this

But I already think u have

cuz of what u did that Friday

Baby lets ovecome this.