Not even the three words, 'I love you'

I give you a chess set.
Its battleground a scenario of love.
Conflicts occur on the battlefield,
Like the fluctuating emotions in love.

Sacrificed across the entire board,
Dismissed as useless.
Just like how you wouldn't mind
Sacrificing insignificant pieces for the greater good.

Just like the awkward 'L' shapes
The knights slyly advance.
There's bound to be awkward situations
Which can be manoeuvred to your advantage.

Don't throw this away – yet.
I am only trying to be precise

How about the bishops or rooks
Who fly across diagonally or horizontally?
Just like how time flies,
When you are having fun.

The queen, your trump,
Without it you are basically screwed.
Losing your best piece
Is definitely to your disadvantage.

Finally, the king.
Once taken, it's gone.
The battle's lost; it's over
No chance of returning.