Milwaukee the saddest city I know. From its greed for money to its repeated T.V. shows. Milwaukee so sad a city that shaves its beard and eats its children. And if they are poor you are forced to die in the snow. Form its invisible line of color to its cover up murders. Only the light one's get it fair. All others must bear its hell.

Iron wings, sparkles hair, rages chariots burning red. The thunder silent burning wide, this city name Milwaukee is full of lies. With demons water and kings of sorrow if you're not white may not live to see tomorrow. The fiery shaky moan and groan void many hungry souls. Cold hammer and sounding beams keeps its direction for you and me.

Invisible lust of jealousy calls out her sins and makes her weep. In her darkness she fell down a death of pestilence. But a son shall be born to her from the fainted shadows of Egypt crown. And make all those light one's bow down. His dark solitude shall rush down like a flood and shall carries off the light one's sons. Yes the jealousy one's.

Those dreadful serpents with dark roots, cold poison laid them apart till winter. These words to bow down, bow down you lustful form monsters. Invisible black clouds of torment. Why do you say your child is not welcome in your city?