Thank you for your interest in "I Hate You!"

I began this story in 2005, wishing to make a parody of the stereotypes that plague our society, especially some that I've had direct experience with. I wanted to share a story that proved that people were deeper than their class, sex, religion, traditions, or heritage.

It wasn't the best written story, and it wasn't always as funny as I would have liked, but many people enjoyed it... and I was humbly content by that. It seemed to be so well liked that someone took it and reposted it elsewhere, with a different pen name, without my permission. As I said, I'm not brilliant and it wasn't amazing, but it does hurt when others take your work.

So, I have taken down the story. This remains to preserve the time stamp of when I posted it.

Julian, Eve, Dederick, and all the other characters thank you for liking them, and for going on a journey with them. I will revisit this story some day, and re-do it. For now, thank you. And I'm sorry for the disappointment.