Your Flaws Are Beautiful

Yes, I know this is very cheesy! Don't kill me for it. My friend wrote a cute fluff piece and I wanted to tack a crack at writing one as well. I hope it isn't too bad!

Lots of people focus on flaws when they are looking for someone to like. They point out silly little thing. "Oh, her nose is too crooked" or "oh, his hair lies too flat" or "he likes Steelers and I like Seahawks". When people are looking for another to date, it is all about the flaws. And I am no exception. I am not like other people, though. I don't dislike someone because they have a mole on their cheek…I love them because of it.

Yes, you heard me right. I am a straight guy who actually loves girls for their flaws. Well…not girls …girl.

She is a typical excellent student. No boyfriend, a good girl…always does what her parents and teachers tell her to do. But she is more than an excellent student, daughter and friend, she is much, much, much, much more. Let me tell you a little about her.

She is perfect. Absolutely perfect. I don't care what other people say about her…I love her to bits.

I hear the guys in our class talk about her and it crushes me. You know the type. The kind of male who only likes skinny, stupid, blond girls who walk around with hardly anything on them. Absolute asses that give males a bad name? Yeah…every school has them.

They talk incessantly about her flaws and they make her sound like she isn't good enough for anyone. But the truth is, they aren't good enough for her. They deserve a stupid, mindless sex-robot of a wife. Not a brilliant shinning star like her.

Let me tell you some of the differences between what they say and what I believe.

They say her hair is too limp…

But I think her gorgeous red hair is sleek and fine. Her hair is perfect in everyway.

They say that she is too dorky and doesn't play well with others.

But I think she is brilliant and gets frustrated when others don't understand her.

They say her feet are too big and her fingers too long.

But I think her feet give her perfect balance, and her fingers are beautifully feminine and delicate.

They say she doesn't smell beautiful.

I never liked cheap perfume. I love the way she smells…like sweet baby powder and candy.

They say her teeth are not sparkling white and her smile is odd.

I think her smile is absolutely enchanting and is uniquely adorable.

They don't deserve her. She is too intelligent to become a mindless girlfriend whose only job is to please the boyfriend. She is also too smart to become a beaten wife (which is what we know most of them will do when they get older). They make her feel inferior on a daily basis, but I know she is far from it.

Along with what they say, I also hear what her friends say about her when she is not around. They talk about how pretty and smart she is getting. And I, of course, cannot disagree. But I also heard them talk about something else very recently.

That she hates herself in every way.

I was appalled at first. But when I actually looked for it, I noticed it quite clearly.

I saw that she wears shirts and coats that cover up most of her skin. I watch her sigh when she looks at her "pale" arms.

But I think her skin is beautifully white and milky, and that there is no reason to hide it.

Every now and then, I hear her friends tell her is smart and pretty, but she doesn't listen.

I agree whole-heartedly with her friends.

I also hear her tell others she hates the way she sounds. That her voice is annoying and sounds like she's plugging her nose. She says she would have shot herself by then if she was in another's shoes.

I think her voice is sweet.

And finally, I noticed that when she passes a mirror in a mall or a glass window, she groans as if repulsed by her image.

But I think she is gorgeous in everyway.

This girl is amazing and she can't see it. She lets the taunting of others get to her. She lets them mock her for her flaws and thinks her friends are lying when they compliment her.

But she is amazing and I love everything about her, especially her flaws.

For three years now, I have watched her grow into the amazing woman that she is. That woman, if you haven't already figured it out…is you, Allison.

For the past two weeks I have noticed that you have been wearing long sleeved shirts and jackets. Yesterday was sunny and unbearably hot , without a cloud in the sky. But you still wore a long sleeved jacket all day…except that one minute. Your jacket got snagged by a metal chair, so you had to quickly take it off to untangle it. You thought no one saw the scars on your arms yesterday morning…but I did.

I wrote this letter because I couldn't bear to have you think you are unworthy or unattractive. You are the most amazing person I have met, Allison. You were there for me in times others weren't…and now I want to be there for you.

I don't care if you don't like me back. All that matters is that you know how special you are, and how much your friends adore you.

Sometimes your little flaws can seem horrid and sometimes the world tells you they are. But don't listen. Flaws make you unique. Your flaws are beautiful, Allison. Never forget it.

A red-headed girl set down the letter and wiped away the tears that had been streaming from her eyes. She delicately folded the piece of paper (which was covered in little, wet spots) and put it into her backpack. She looked at the saw that was resting at her heels. She had stolen it from woodshop earlier, and the memory of what she planned to do with it made her wince. How could she have been so stupid?

Without hesitating, Allison kicked the saw into the next stall and ran out of the girls bathroom. After only a moment of searching, she found what she was looking for; a tall brown haired boy that had obviously lost a lot of sleep.

The boy looked very tired and worried, but smiled weakly when he saw her.


"Allison?" he croaked.

"You saved me," was all she said. And with that, the pair kissed.

15 years later Alison is happily married to the man who saved her. Nathan proposed to her a year after their graduation, and they remain madly in love to this day. They live in a decent home with their ten-year-old daughter, who is, like her mother, beautiful in everyway. They are a living fairy tale family, and they love it.

Nathan adores his wife and his child with the same fondness he had for Alison so long ago. He loves to compliment his wife, and never hesitates to tell his daughter the same phrase that saved his wife from herself:

"Sometimes your little flaws can seem horrid and sometimes the world tells you they are. But don't listen. Flaws make you unique. Your flaws are beautiful, Angel, never forget it."