Persuasive Speech: Being Mute is better than Being Blind or Deaf

Most people aren't sure which they think is the best: blind, deaf, or mute. Out of the three, I think muteness is the best for four reasons.

The first reason is: For a deaf person, both speaking and hearing are either hard or impossible. Because a deaf person can't hear how they themselves speak, they aren't completely sure how to shape the words. Thus, all the words come out slurred and blurry, as if the deaf speaker is slightly tongue-tied, which makes it harder to understand them if they attempt to speak out loud. This will happen even with a person who is only hard-of-hearing, so it would be especially hard for a person who is stone deaf.

The second reason is that blind people are forced to rely on a cane, a walker, or other people. You can't always trust other people, and a cane or walker might be dropped or lost in sidewalk traffic. If they lose their way, they must try and find their way back to where they started and give it another try.

The third reason is that it would be hard to communicate with a deaf person. Speaking is tough on them, so there are two other options: sign language or always writing notes. Sign language takes a long time to learn as there are so many signs, and eventually your hands would become sore if you wrote so much.

My final reason is that if a person is mute, they still retain all five of their senses, allowing them to do things a blind or deaf person couldn't. For example, they can go to a movie, which neither a blind person nor a deaf person could do for reasons which you can guess at easily. Or they can read a book; a deaf person may do this, but a blind person may not without the help of the Braille System, which has made a person's fingers bleed.

Therefore I think muteness is the best because of the easier communication systems and the abilities which a mute person keeps.