My Theory on the Pencil

By LiterateFreak690

Pencils are friends to those who use them. Essay writers, poetic minds, storywriters, and artists use them for special purposes. A pencil is made up of two kinds of trees and minerals from the ground. The rubber eraser is just one of the products of the tree, the wooden part being the next. Everything else, including the graphite, has either been taken from the ground or was made by humans. (The paper that pencils write on is usually made from the same type of tree, this also includes napkins, paper towels, some types of rubber balls, car tires, and anything else made of wood or rubber comes from a tree.)

Did you know that when you write on a piece of paper with a pencil, you're using a tree to write on a tree? To be more exact, you're using the ground to write on a tree. When you erase something that you wrote with any type of eraser, you're using a re-usable natural resource to erase a mineral. When you make a spitball from a piece of paper and stick it under a wooden desk or table, you're putting a tree under a tree! Back in the day, pencils could be used as weapon/poison. If you accidentally stabbed yourself with a pencil, the lead inside the pencil (now replaced with graphite) could be used as a poison that would slowly kill you if not treated properly.

Trees also provide us with oxygen, one of the main types of gasses that is needed to support human life. This happens through the process of photosynthesis, the way tree and plant leaves make food and exhale oxygen for us to use. What the plant or tree does is it takes the carbon dioxide we exhale to make food and oxygen for us. So, if we keep on chopping trees, we lose oxygen and it could be a matter of hundreds of years before Earth cannot support any more life.

There are also some ways you can save trees. Use erasable pens instead of pencils to save a thousand trees. If you set fire to a bulldozer in the rainforest, you can save a tree, or a number of trees, depending on how close the bulldozer is from the trees around it. Another way to save trees is to limit the pollution we put in the air. Cars, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and any other type of item with an engine all produce pollution (mainly carbon monoxide), which can be harmful to trees. This kills the trees, thus making it easier to chop it down to use for wood. This wood will eventually become weak, therefore making it unusable.

Pencils come from a long line of writing utensils, starting with the hammer and chisel to the quill pen. Improvements led to the fountain pen, able to hold large amounts of ink without the inkwell to dip in. An improvement to that was the creation of the ballpoint pen, which revolutionized the writing world by becoming a writing standard for editors of newspapers. This led to the gel pen, which uses a paint-like ink water to write like a ballpoint. Gel pens started to get very popular from the early nineties on, because it was able to write smoother than the ballpoint. (Some people still consider using the ballpoint pen because it is "neater" than the gel pen, which doesn't dry as fast as ballpoint ink.) In the early days of the pencil, they were only used by schools for learning purposes. Since then, the pencil has also become a standard for writing, like how International Business Machines Incorporated set the standard design for computers in the coming ages.

My point is, (excuse the pun, please) pencils have become a gigantic part of out lives, whether some people like it or not. Without the pencil or pen, we would still be using feather quill pens and the human race would be categorized as one of the more primal species on the planet. Without the pencil, some types of writing styles would never have been created, and some types of art including manga, anime, and comic books in the United States would have never been created. Life itself would be different today if humans never created the pencil back in the 1700s.

(Note: No real bulldozers were harmed in the making of this essay.)