The First Man

After speaking with the mountain, the lord ask me, when do man seek after the truth. When he is born or after his death? And I said lord, do not a man seek after it at both time. Than the lord say to me, you are truly blessed. Than I say, lord why is not the answer given to him. And the lord reply, when man is first born he is closer to the father, for a wise man would not be afraid to ask a child of seven day the meaning of life. But when man grow older he become drunk with human reasoning. Now go learn what that mean. And while I saw thinking on what the lord have told me. I found myself in this strange place. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

And I asked the lord what is this place? And the lord say 14-26-0 26-m-w 21-14-26-o for man have named it. Than the lord say look and behold the MAN. And when I looked I saw a very large MAN. And the lord said, 21-18-t-19-20 L-21 n-z-m. now go speak with him. And with light foot went forth. And the MAN looked at me and knew me. For he said, you are he for which the spirits calls the soul seeker. And I looked at the MAN and say for in truth you speak for I be he. Than the MAN said ask all that you can before time grow short. But I knew not what to say to him. For in truth my mind with blink. Than the MAN said for the sake of time I shall tell you.

When I had awaking and knew that I had come into existing, I look east in heard my lord voice. For he said to me, do not look west toward the mountain caskpher. For in that day that you do its shall desire you. Now know that I the lord have made you for my own pleasure. And have given you command over all that's in this place. Than the lord had given me knowledge about that evil one. For whom I names 7-5-t-z-7-1-21-n-19-z. than I look and behold all the creatures for which the lord had created. Than the lord say, keep these words for they are the words that created you. THE GREATT NAMES. East and south (s-5-s-r) south and west ( z-s-r-z) west and north (1-o-r-5-4) and north and east ( 1-0-s).

Than the lord spoke again and say, these are the keys which created your name. these are the great symbols of secret things. East which is called (z-0-22-r) west which is called ( r-s-2-1-19) south which is called (1-t-0-z) and north which is called ( 18-w-1-13). And the first creature I names was called ( r-26-1-y-z-l-20-s. which mean majesty. And from that moment all names came to each creature. And when I saw each creature from this land I said, (b-l-t-5-13-2-1-b) which mean cattle. And when I looked up at the heavens I said, ( 13-1-r-s-15-18-0) which mean stars. And toward that mountain I said, ( z-r-s-l-t-18-1-m-z) and to the lord I say. (19-1-0-z-14-h-1-15-12-z) which mean Christ. And to the sun I say. (L-F-T-5-T-5-9-15) and to the father I say. (r-14-u-v-z-t-t-z). and when I look upon that mountain it desire me, and when I looked away I desire. For I have seen that each creature had a mate save me. And my heart grew heavy. Than I called the lord by his secret names. (z-r-5-4-1-0-18-12-23). And the lord came quickly. And when the lord saw me he knew my heart. And said, it is not good that man shall be alone.

I shall not say to you the words for which that lord spoke when he created my wife. For if you write them MAN shall surly go after them. So at that moment I stop writing and placed my pen down, and when to listen more to what this MAN said. And when he had finish speaking. The lord came to me and say write this that MAN shall know it. (y-v-t-z-5-s-r-20-19 y-z-t-1 22-0-l-s-r-n) than the lord say, when MAN learn what this mean, the universal shall shut her eyes from MAN. Now the MAN had begun to speak right after the lord had finish his saying. I turn east and behold my wife. For whom I named ( s-5-q-1-e) which mean ( w- l-m-m-r-n-1 n-5-20-v-n-z-q-a) the mother of the garden.

And she prayed to the lord by which she say. ( 20-5-4-5-m-l-w-5-m-v-y 20-5-s-x h-v-b). now I shall speak no more for the lord wills it. And I stop writing and placed my pen down.

BY Ronald Campbell