Random Nonsensical Happening that changed my life or revolutionized my thoughts.

Me and my brother, which i hanging around with consistently(no theory),but we were swimming in the water for some reason,out of the decided to start counting how many hours of sleep we both get a day,which is around thirteen and eleven everyone in my family for some reason or other likes to complain that I sleep like for half the day which is complete most of my family is not awake while i'm watching Television during the late night i am not a morning i hate my families perjudices about nonmorning sunny shines comrades of the the supersition Idea that my family i get like ninty hours of , i get the same amount just I am up during the Noctunral said there is a right and wrong time to fall Makers Do.

Other thing that we Started counting for like no apparent reason(will actually we were frustrated with the fact of boredom).

How many hours of free time that both School time and Working Time take out of the right now i am going throught the process(thats complete necessary)smiling!Right now i am on Summer Break and i got all the time in the world to Explore..

So from the time that my Dad goes to work that like seven forty five out the door and back through the door 4ish 5ish inbetween that whole like 7hours 8hours 9hours 10hours 11hours 12hours 1hours 2hours 3hours 4ishhours 5ishhours My Dad i know for A Fact wakes Two to Three time for a midNight the is possibly thats my future of actriously horrible sleep wakes Up at 5ish to thirtyish thats normal i For All Responsible people to the opposite of responsible is thats were i linger I confess But Its a Sin I no matter if I have schzonpheria or bipolar the Television.I am a Geek?And i have grammer problems?

I am wondering off the Topic.

Yes me and my brother.

My Dad offically goes to Bed or makes it a "Goal"to go to Bed at least.9 O' means from the time he gets home like at ,Making Dinner,Washing Clothing,Loving His Children(Me),Recovery from my Dad doesn't have much of a Life but that ok i suppose.

During School Life,i usually wake from the Dead about six twentyish, depends on the night up in the morning and have like tenish minute or less to get ready for the day Bus arrives at my house and its about a fourty-five minute ride to Elberta Middle where then i proceed onto another bus that takes me To Foley High School.

From seven fourty-five to the End Of The Day Bell at three 0 means i have like.8 hour estimate of then a really long Bus Ride Home.

Tired of writing?


P.S-This quite possibly could be i Worst for Fictionpress, but thats ok with me...Not to much for you thought