What makes someone(me because i can only speak from personal experience) feel stupid and arrogant or at least ignorant?Thats a easy enought question but i plan to explain what makes me feel this as a Americanian i think as a loyal citizen its my duty to show people my respect towards their intectual that means.

The first thing that makes me feel stupid , is making bad grades.

What is a person going to think about themselves, if everyone is testing you all the down at you for a moment then, looking at others because they have more trust in them being more does all of society test your intellectual abilities ,someone that they didn't earn , that they inherited just by chance of i choose to make bad grades is beyond me your future is all about the sucessfully times in the class determine everything what college your going to ,the possible salary you could be making , the kind of life sytle that your kids are going to growup then again there are alot of circumstances that also determine where thats all going to end in the first line light grades in the first sighting and priority for someone that wants a sucessful life.

The second thing that makes me feel stupid, saying things that i won't be able to live up too.

I remember my freshman year by coincidence i laided myself in a senior creative writing thought the reason was because i was someone of value , with my is certainly not the case but idiotically i got use to the idea that maybe i was something special .Yes Monika wants to go NCY ,huge place for people with determination and amibious ,strenght with the wisdom singing throught them so enlightingly beautifully ,but thats quite the opposite of fuck said thoose things in front of the class meanwhile.I'm sleeping throught the whole goddamn class had ramshacked my fuck thoroughly in that class,remembering what i announced it to the whole actually went to get the brochure to the college Blither Idiot.I recommend to people , look your dream straight into the face , and analzy the reality before the real frustions and destructions have been commited.

Third thing that makes me feel stupid , right and left.

Band Camp, i am going to complain yes i feel ashamed but it makes everything feel a little better,my freshman year.I couldn't keep my step with left and that was the humiliating thing that has ever happened ,why?Because my Band Director had this loud echoing manacing microphone that was imitidating,more than i a asshole reminding you that your Fucking front of the everyother band member sweating in the sun ,exhaustion sweating in their veins and they all had to stop because of cuz you couldn't put the right foot in front of the other, in the right after a year retired my saxphone for the no more years , lost all appitite for marching after a year of Hell.

Fourth reason why i feel stupid ,sitting in front of the computer screen.

Strangers that i meet on the computer bring no relief, just in the early morning pouring music down my ears reminds me one ,I have zero Two , my life is lonesome.I don't like logging on to Yahoo messenger , its like falling into a trap of lies , that you made up, to become someone else,so you can forget who you are in the first place and become someone inconceviable opposed to your real life situations.

Conclusion maybe feeling despondent, all the time is getting me complaining is so persuasive.