Just some random idea I came up with during Law class... we were talking about incest.

Incest: It's All Relative


"No, Mum, you can't let him do this!" Claudia hurtled to a clumsy stop at the front door just as her father shoved her older brother, Steven out to the front yard. "God damn your sister, Charlotte!" Ben yelled back to his wife as he clenched his fist.

"Dad!" Claudia tried to run forward, but Charlotte stopped her.

"No! He's an evil child… a demon in our home… how could he do this to you!?" Charlotte sobbed as her only son threw himself into a rusted old Cadillac.

"Steven!" Claudia was crying now, angry tears, leaving her cheeks pale like lonely patches of snow, "Steve, don't! Don't go!"

"I'll come back for you, kid!" Steve had in his eyes, glittering droplets of moisture and Claudia knew the unethical circumstance was painful for him, as well. Even more so, perhaps.

Damn her fear for her father. She wanted to run to Steve, to hurtle to a stop in front of him. She wanted to throw her arms around him in a hug. To whisper that everything would be okay. But the devastated, furious look in her father's eyes stopped her. The sound of the old car roaring to life pulled another sob from Claudia's throat and she watched her brother, dressed in ratted jeans and a wife beater, hair tousled, and face grim, drive away, with a heart that she felt shatter into a million pieces.

Several indescribable moments passed as Claudia stood there, eyes wide with fright. Charlotte looked high as a kite as she embraced her husband. Choking with empty sobs, Claudia ran to her room. In a blind rage, she tore all her posters from the wall, knocked down her lamp, ripped her sheets apart, and with an angry cry, threw a glass figurine at the wall. When it shattered, her eyes fell upon her diary. The same one her mother had found and read. The same damned diary that had ruined not only her life, but her brother's as well. With hands trembling with the utmost anger and sadness, she picked it up and read it. Eleven simple words, etched in a mellow green tint sang the secret Claudia and Steven shared. An agonized sob rang from Claudia's mouth and she crumpled to the ground, clutching the diary to her chest. It was a present from Steven— the last object of hers that he'd touched before… before… he left…

Claudia shook with sobs as she stared up at her ceiling. The diary fell from her limp hands as she collapsed. Claudia blinked, fighting to keep her eyes open.

"Diary… Steven… come back for me…" And then everything went black. Charlotte walked into her daughter's room and gasped at the sight.

Her daughter's almost lifeless body, the destroyed room, the dreadful green writing— she felt faint as she read the words again.

Dear Diary,

Steven and I are in love with each other…

Now, if you've finished reading this, and are going to rant about how disgusting incest is, please leave without reviewing. It's honestly a matter of personal opinion, I understand that, and I'm asking you to refrain from commenting about how it's 'wrong' or 'sinful'. I don't believe that, so I don't really want to hear it.