Upon broken wings my heart flew

As i asked my dear Daddy why

Why do you love to scream at mommy and me too

Your screams are making us cry

My little brother sobs late at night

And I myself am worried for you

For little Jason is full of fright

And I am so confused

Mommy is bleeding

Her face is so torn

Can't you stop screaming

For your making us all mourn

I love you don't you know

But I'm so scared and growing cold

I hear you fighting behind closed doors

All we want is a happy family forever more

No more fights and no more tears

We can get some help and have some happy years

I'm just a child but I have dreams

And to you i guess it may seem

That she's just a woman useless to you

But she's my mommy and I hate what you do

Stop! Please Daddy

Can't you see what is happening

You're tearing us all apart

Set down the gun and listen to your heart

We can make it better if you just try

Listen to my final plead

May upon your heart it heed

Some compousure as I ask with tears in my eyes

"Dear Daddy why?"