So is this the end of it all

Is our relationship through

Will you ever again call

How can I go on without you

I know I messed everything up so much

But my dreams are filled to the brim

With your voice and your touch

Yet I'm there standing out on a limb

And it breaks and your not there

To catch me falling down

Or to show that you care

Your love is not around

So down I fall

Screaming but no sound at alll

The pain ripping me apart

And as I look up i see you there holding my heart

I'm going numb

My mind is blacking out

In the heat of a moment at the beat of a drum

All is doubt

I'm tired of how you pushed me on

How you used to sing your stupid love songs

You lured me into the pit of lust

And now I'm lost and about to bust

I'm bleeding through every pore

I'm tired of being a "stupid whore"

The lies they said are coming true

And I just don't know what to do

So let your lust

Become dust

And never come my way again

Wheres my silver lining in this black cloud

If I scream will you even hear a sound

A sudden thought

In a blink of an eye

I'm not caught

I'm free to fly

You pushed me down but I'll rise

Prove to you that I was a prize

I'l fly so high beyond all depts

Take back my heart that you so selfishly kept

Witht the grace of God I cab fly

So good-bye