Author's Notes: All right, so this story is um… well, this started out as a role play. It turned out pretty long and extremely good and complicated, so I decided to make it into a story. The formatting may be a bit messed up and complicated, as I had to split the thing up into different points of view. But I hope it's still good enough, and all right to understand! Please tell me if you have any suggestions on making this easier to read or some way to combine everything without totally changing everything.

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-Adamantine's POV-

I tossed around in my abysmal black bedroom, tangled among the black satin sheets. My eyes dripped with crimson red tears that left deep etches on my chalk white skin. I kicked out violently, crying out for a person that was no longer there. I awoke with a start, putting a pale hand to my face and seeing the almost human blood trickling down my cheeks. I moaned quietly, feeling more tears slide down as I did so. A vision was clear in my mind, a vision of which I should no longer see for it hurt me so. I used the sheets below me to wipe away the blood that was blurring my vision, and decided at once that I wanted to leave this room that held so many memories for me. It was late, so no one would see me...

I climbed up and tugged on my normal wardrobe, a pair of pitch-black pants, a matching shirt, and a trench coat. I pulled my silky raven colored hair from the ponytail it had been secured in and let it fly loosely about my shoulders as I suddenly felt pain shoot up my back. I quickly opened the only window in my room and stepped out onto the roof just as gigantic black feather wings shot out of my back, crimson blood streaming down the back of my leather trench coat to accompany them. I hissed in pain-it really hurt to have those wings come out when I was in human form!-and then closed my window almost all the way, leaving space only for me to open it once more to come back in.

I then proceeded to fly out through the slicing black night, feeling the wind hit my face, relaxing me. I flew with the crows and all the other birds in the sky, wishing I could be like this all the time, so free, not the restricted demon I was.

No... I wasn't a demon. But I wasn't an angel, either. The only reason I had these beautiful black wings was because... I frowned deeply as I flew on, watching the night sky melt into the bright, gorgeous colors of the morning. It would have made an excellent painting or a great setting for a story...

A single, pale skinned girl sighed and stared into nothing. The sun blinding her, she closed her eyes and stood up. No one in that house knew about her strange powers. She hadn't mastered them fully yet, but… She practiced in private most of the time and she was so inconspicuous about her practices no one ever noticed. She gently thought about her wings sprouting from her back and they did so. Once fully spread, a white aura surrounded her and her brown hair faded into a shade of a light green, her pajamas faded into a green halter-top that hugged her curved figure and a short green skirt. Smiling, she lifted herself into the air and flew into the sky. She loved the feel of the wind on her face; it always cheered her up. Soon enough, though, her thoughts became darker, straying to... Vahn. He… She missed him so. Why did he send her to Earth to live what one would call a normal life? Psh. Normal. There was no such word in her vocabulary. Thoughts of her love ran through her mind, memories… emotions. So much of this filled her and very quickly, she began to lose altitude. She quickly tried to push these thoughts from her mind, but to no avail. She began to spiral down towards the earth, her wings disappearing as she made contact on the ground.

I paused when I heard something from behind me, and I turned to see large wings, not unlike mine, attached to an object that was falling slowly. I reacted quickly, not sure what was making me act so hastily, and flew towards the object. It was reaching the ground at an alarming pace, I realized, and might hit the ground before I could get there. I did the only thing I could on such short notice-I flew even faster. It was dangerous for me, as my skin was actually burning from the speed, but I indeed reached the object in time only to see it was just a girl.

Wait… a girl?

Just as her wings went into her, I expanded my own out to catch her, hoping they could reach. I gazed down at the girl I had indeed caught in my wings, much to my relief. I wasn't fond of seeing a person splattered all over the sidewalk, even if I did enjoy seeing people die. But... the girl had white wings. Was she an angel? Had I just saved an angel, a form I was supposed to despise and kill? I stared down at the girl more intently, studying the beautiful face. Yes... this was the face of an angel. Was she new? Was that why she had fallen from the sky like a glorious bird at the end of its life? I lifted her up using my wings and slowly reached out to touch her face, jumping back when I felt the soft skin of another beneath my fingertips. What could I do with this girl?

Her eyes burst open and she jumped out of my wings, staring at me with wide amber colored eyes.

"Wha… who…" She was trembling all over. She touched her face and shuddered. "What…?" She shook her head and backpedaled a little. "You…" She shook her head and regained her composure.

"Who the heck are you?! What the…" She looked up at the sky and frowned. "I must have fallen." She whispered and turned to me, the person who had saved her, her smile soft and warm. "Hm. I apologize for my rudeness. Thank you for saving me." She smiled and turned on her bare heel, starting to walk away from me.

I gazed at her with curiosity. She must have been new, or else she would have questioned why a demon would have saved her, a rival of mine and secretly, a form I wanted to be once more. I frowned slowly to myself and began to turn away also, shaking my head. She seemed like an odd girl indeed, and I did not need someone so odd to be around me. My pale, ice blue eyes, the color of a wolf's, were narrowed in sadness however, as I saw the girl with the beautiful wings walk away. Oh, how I longed to be around angels once more...

She smiled and stopped, turning back around. "Hm." She smiled and lowered her head. "My name is Shion." She said, smiling and nodding. Turning back around she tried to take flight again, her wings spreading so gracefully, her hair changing and her clothes as well. She closed her eyes. I tilted my head at her voice, my extremely long locks that spilled over my back blending in with my wings. It blew softly in the light wind, tickling my face just a bit.

"I am... Adamantine." It even sounded like a demon's name. I was ashamed of it, sometimes.

"Adamantine?" She smiled. "Hm. Sounds a bit demonic." She grinned and I snorted, rolling my icy blue eyes.

"You are very kind." She cooed and lifted herself from the ground, taking to the sky, flying over a small lake near the two of us. Not exactly the smartest place to be flying, again, she fell into the water. Spreading her wings once again after a few moments, she burst from the water in an upward spiral, landing swiftly back onto the ground, sopping wet.

"I'll…walk." She said aloud and started walking past me who was slightly enchanted by her.

I felt the urge to laugh when she called me kind; I was anything but, when I wasn't groggy from loss of sleep. I did laugh when she fell into the water, and came out looking like a drowned rat.

"Having a bit of trouble?" I couldn't help but call after her after she had walked past me.

Shion stopped. She smiled and turned back to me, her clothes dripping wet.

"Just a little trouble." She kept smiling. "Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm supposed to be sitting out on my front porch in dry clothes, so I've got to get there." She nodded and bowed to me before starting to walk again. "It was nice meeting you…Adamantine." She nodded and closed her eyes, shivering a bit as she walked. Her shoes made wet marks on the cement, marking where she had stepped.

I frowned, not liking that she had to leave so soon. Instead of creating a barrier, trapping her with me (and I easily could have, as I had been a demon for over three hundred years and was quite well experienced), I let my wings come up again and I soared into the sky, watching her retreat. I would have loved to follow her, but... if the others found out I'd followed her, well, I would be in for a world of trouble. So I let well enough alone and simply stared after her, my heart filled with a sadness I had never felt before. When I was human, a long time ago, I'd heard of love... was I feeling it now, after so long after last time...?

Shion blinked and stopped, looking up to the sky and smiled.

"I see you." She sang and looked down at the ground and then back at me. "I suppose I don't have to leave just yet." She smiled and giggled a bit, a girlish giggle. "Hm. If you want to, um…hang out or something, I'm all up for it." She smiled and nodded. "So, come on down!" She laughed and stared at her clothes. "Well, I have to get into dry clothes. I'm freezing." She said, hugging her shoulders and shivering for effect.

I gazed with curiosity at this girl. I had been ready to retreat to the dark depths of my human house and return to my human life and my human form, but this girl, this angel... was she really suggesting that we do something as casual as 'hang out?'

"...We cannot. I am a demon, and you are an angel. If we are seen..." I frowned cautiously, biting my lip until blood emerged, which I, of course, licked up with fervor. I didn't budge from the sky.

She frowned. "Not even if you resume your human form? If. . .you have one." She smiled sheepishly and shook her head. "Eh. It was a stupid idea. Forget it. I'll leave." She started to walk away. "Good bye, sir." She said and started for home. The sun was setting further and further and it was getting colder.

"Ah. I'm gonna get a cold." She whispered to herself and slowly started home once more, shivering.

"If I resume my human form..." I frowned, flapping my powerful wings and lowering my altitude just a bit. "...I will still be noticed. If anyone is out at this time..." I searched over the city for anyone like myself, and found nothing. They must have all been sleeping; half of them were allergic to the sunlight, and it was now sunrise. "...and it appears no one is." I closed my eyes, thinking. I realized after a moment that I was speaking to myself, as she was walking away. Feeling something resembling a very familiar human emotion called panic, I sped after her, my wings granting me more speed than her human legs offered, and I came up behind her quickly, stepping in front of her with a serious look on my face.

"You're shivering, Shion." I stated after glancing at her, as if I hadn't known that before. I sighed; the only way I could help to make her feel warm was by using my wings. My skin was cold to the touch, and I had no powers to help her warm up, unless of course I made her bleed, and I would never do that to her. Unless of course, she harmed me first.

Shion blushed heavily as I took her in my huge wings and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Yes. I'm cold." She smiled, but it faded as my arms left her waist. Shion smiled up at me again and moved closer to me, wrapping her arms around my waist and resting her head on my chest. "I know this is a little awkward and we just met. But… you're so warm. I need… to stay warm." She smiled and licked her cold chapped lips gently, her feet freezing for they were not covered. Her eyes opened and she noticed the blood on my wings. "You're bleeding." She stated, taking a feather in her slender fingers and staring at it. "Were you… in a fight?" She asked weakly, suddenly turning pale. Her head was spinning and she collapsed in my arms, pulling out the feather she had in her fingers. Her entire body went limp, and she began to convulse. She was going into hypothermic shock.

I stared simply at the girl in my arms, feeling some kind of panic arise in me, much like the panic when she had fallen from the sky. Then I realized that's what I had to do... I had to fly! I recalled the burning feeling from when I flew too fast, and thought I could do that, perhaps warming her up. That, or light her on fire, but I wasn't sure she would appreciate it if I singed her skin and hair and wings. Besides, the other angels would probably come after me for 'attacking' her, and that was the last thing I needed.

Slowly, cautiously, I gathered her into my cold arms, hoping her skin wouldn't freeze at the low temperature of it, and rose up into the quickly brightening sky. I hated the daylight, but the sun would give her warmth, and would dry her clothes. Another option came into my mind at that moment-removing her wet clothes so she could recover faster-but I wasn't sure she would appreciate that too much. I simply laughed-very lightly, of course; there was a comatose girl in my arms-and took off into the sky, flying faster and faster until the sky and city had blended together in one beautiful mass of brilliant color. My skin was burning, but I didn't care. Once again, I felt so free... so alive!

She felt the heat and her body quickly warmed, her clothes drying. She stopped convulsing and opened her eyes weakly.

"Whoa." She whispered weakly and smiled at me. "Hm. Thank you." She said. Her wings spread from her back and she moved herself from my arms, flying beside me at the same speed. Then she spiraled down to the ground, intentionally of course, and landed swiftly on her toes.

"Hm." She smiled, quite proud of herself. She looked up at me and waited for me to come down, looking quite anxious. She shuddered. The feeling she had when she was in my arms like that was... indescribable.

"Unbelievable." She whispered, just loud enough for me to hear.

I simply stared at her on the ground, shaking my head to indicate that I wasn't going to come down.

"I like it up here." I hadn't said this loudly, but it reached her ears with surprising intensity nonetheless. "I came out to fly, so... I have now." I was feeling quite awkward. Here I was, speaking to an angel of all people, with my black wings spread out proudly behind me. I sighed and closed my icy blue eyes, looking off toward the direction of my home. I had felt so... so beautiful and so powerful with her in my arms up there, but I knew not to trust that feeling. I couldn't. I'd felt it before; I remembered it quite clearly, and it had been forbidden then, as well. I couldn't stand to lose it again, so... I decided to start nothing. I would save myself the pain again…

Shion nodded. "Alright then. I suppose I'll just go home." She frowned and started to walk in the direction of her home. "Maybe I'll see you around." She smiled up at me gently and waved. "It was… a great pleasure meeting you." She nodded. She had a light spring in her step; she felt so bubbly and happy.

"Hm. Maybe I'll see him again… If not, I can make it happen." She giggled to herself, attempting to whisper (and failing miserably!). "All I have to do… is fail at flying. Shion grinned to herself and skipped home.

I frowned sadly, an unspoken goodbye, and headed for home. I didn't want to part, but... what other chance did I have? I couldn't become an angel again to make it all better, and she could only become a demon under extreme circumstances. Besides, even if she managed to become a demon, she would still oppose me. I was a fallen angel, in all my glory, and only sported the black wings of a demon because someone had given them to me in their place. I didn't care to recall that blood-chilling day. I arrived home, my wings now withdrawn just as the sun peeked over the horizon, stirring the humans that slept below. I crawled into bed after prying the window open, yawning with fatigue.

Shion smiled as she made her way home, her thoughts filled with me, for some strange reason. But… we had only just met and already she was thinking about me. She sighed and looked up to the sky.

"It's getting late." She whispered to herself and started to run home. Upon approaching her doorstep, Shion stared at the door, afraid that they, her earth parents, knew. Closing her eyes and sighing heavily she opened the door and crept inside. Her earth parents were sitting right there at the kitchen table and they didn't look happy.

"Shion." Her earth father said firmly, catching her attention quickly. Shion froze and stopped in the middle of the hallway, her back straightening. She scratched the back of her head sheepishly.

"Hello father, mother." She nodded to them both, addressing them.

"Shion. Where were you?"

Shion looked at her feet. "I-I was out." She said and ran up to her room without her parent's consent, closing the door and locking it. Closing her eyes and sighing, licking her bottom lip nervously, she ran and flopped on her bed, taking a pillow and scrunching it under her head. She couldn't help but smile and squeal just a bit. After a few moments, she was asleep, dreaming of the fun and adventure she wished to have soon.

The next morning she awoke with a bright smile. In moments she was already outside, her brown hair tied into a ponytail, donning a red tank top and a black Lolita skirt. She was skipping rocks by the lake, her feet digging into the sand.

"It's such a nice day." She murmured to herself as she picked up another handful of rocks and skipped them flawlessly. Shion smiled and closed her eyes for a brief moment before opening them again, her mind filled with thoughts of Vahn and me. Mostly Vahn. Her eyes were fixed on the horizon as she mindlessly skipped stones.

"Aah!" She beamed and dropped the rocks, closing her eyes. That same white light surrounded her, the same light as always. Her brown hair faded into a light green and her clothes changed to a green tank top and a green Lolita skirt. She took to the skies and smiled, quite proud of her progress. She flew as fast as she could, her wings narrowing behind her on her back, her eyes narrowing as she sliced through the air in pure bliss. Did it have something to do with me? Did… I… help her in some way?

It was at a particularly lovely angle that she looked down to see a figure draped entirely in black cross the street, heading down towards a busy intersection. For some reason she smiled, sensing a familiar aura about this person…

It was me, in all my daytime glory-which to say in other words, I had none.