I stared after her as she left, a small but still noticeable pain in my heart. As much as it hurt me to leave the only person who had been able to slightly ruin the emotional barrier I had constructed so long ago, I had to let her go. I didn't want to die yet... I still had to revenge that special person from so long ago. I had to let the demons know that I despised them.

As Shion slowly made her way down the street, she stopped and turned around.

"I hope you… find what you're looking for. And… I also hope you can avenge her death, Adamantine." She whispered and turned back around, spreading her large white wings and taking off to the skies in an elegant upward spiral. Slowly she wiped away the betraying tears that had begun to fall from her eyes.

I turned around and shook my head, saying almost silently to myself:

"The person I wish to revenge... is not female." I frowned and expanded my own wings, flying in the opposite direction, scouring for something, anything, to kill. Hell, even if I found an angel, I would kill it. I was feeling especially threatening at this moment, this time when the only person I felt could pierce this emotional armor had been pushed away by a battle between the two greater halves of society. I hated society with a fiery passion right now - the next thing I came across, angel, demon, or human, was toast.

Shion stopped and flapped her large wings once more, stopping in mid-air to look at me flying away from her. Her hand reached for me, her eyes watering once more with the promise of tears. She fought desperately to keep them back. Shaking her head wildly, she narrowed her wings behind her and sped after me then, out-stretching her arms for speed. Closer and closer she flew until she had reached me. Her arms wrapped around me in the air, and her tears fell freely down her lovely pale face.

"Adamantine." She sobbed, burying her face in the back of my shirt. "I want to come with you, to do whatever you're doing! I know it's forbidden but… I can't stand to be away from you! I… I'm drawn to you! You're like my magnet, pulling me towards you—always! Please, let me come with you!" She sobbed, her wings folding, disappearing, so that she was dependant on me to hold her in the air.

I looked at her wordlessly, my cold blue eyes gazing at her, filled with nothing but pain.

"I..." I was speechless, my airy voice stuck in my throat. "...They will chase us." I told her. "They're sure to. We're not supposed to be together." I paid no attention to her tears; I was consumed right now only with the urge to kill. I was, after all, a demon. I pilfered lives for fun, and lived on sin and lust. My eyes turned into a deep, bloody red and I pushed her away. My teeth changed into spikes and my hair flew up into the air, looking as sharp as daggers, despite the ridiculous length. My fingernails became claws, and I hovered above her like this, a demon, forced to endure the pains of one, forced to look like this whenever emotions overcame me.


She had fallen when I pushed her away, since her wings had disappeared and once again she was sent hurtling towards the ground. She stopped just a few inches before she hit the ground as her wings spread. She kicked herself up from the ground and back up to me. Her eyes narrowed, the tears still falling, though in thicker sheets now.

"What…" She whispered, staying in the air, moving gracefully as if she had perfected flying. Right now, temporarily perhaps, she had.

"Adamantine." She murmured, looking upon the adverse demon I had become with something of an aire of slight abomination. She didn't say anything; she couldn't. She clenched her fists at her sides and grit her teeth.

I gazed at her through unfeeling red eyes, my pupils now narrowing to slits. I cocked my head sideways, frowning. I had to get away from her in this condition. It was in this condition that I killed, maimed, and destroyed. It was in this condition that I ruined lives, stole them and never gave them back. I didn't want to do that to this beautiful creature, this winged angel levitating in front of me. I started to fly away, hoping she wouldn't chase me, not while I looked like this.

Yet Shion followed, determined, as if she was blatantly ignoring my thoughts. As if she could read them, anyway. Her amber eyes narrowed and she flew above me, stopping right in front of me. Her fists clenched more.

"Please stop. Don't…" She looked away from me, staring at the ground below, her eyes lowering in something that resembled defeat. I had stopped, but the way I looked seemed to get through to her in moments. She could see in my posture that I would kill her if I didn't get away.

"It seems I can't stop you." She said after a bit of time had passed and she had indeed confirmed that she could not stop me. She lowered her altitude a bit to let me pass. "Come find me when you… never mind." She said. She let her wings fold and she fell slowly towards the ground. Upon landing she fell to her knees and sat there in silence.

I nodded her way, turning my cold, crimson eyes in another direction, where I sensed a 'sinner' of sorts. A worthless human, one who had taken a life before, one whose purpose in life existed no longer.

My old angel instincts kicked in and I soared off toward where my senses led me, coming across the human within moments. I smiled cruelly, coming up behind the human and snapping his arm with one swift, inhuman movement. My demon instincts, or rather, Arganos, were controlling me as I let a deep growl escape from my throat, and I bit into the soft flesh of the man's throat. I smiled cruelly, sucking up the red liquid that flowed quickly from the wound, letting it drip down my deathly pale chin onto my completely ebony outfit. I let out a cruel laugh that I was sure even Shion heard, but I didn't bother attempting to stifle it. I continued ravaging the man's neck, ravishing the taste of that sweet crimson blood I possessed none of. My blood, it was blue. It was cold. Even if I were the hungriest I'd ever been, drinking my own blood brought me no satisfaction. Only the warm blood of a human or an angel helped me. Demons, I killed merely for my own pleasure. I shook myself of visions of memories past and bit deeper into the neck of my victim, fully aware he was dying.

Out of pure spite and in a glee to kill and maim, I severed the only useful arm the man had left now, holding it in front of the man's dull brown eyes and smiling wickedly at his look of pure horror. I let my pitch black wings soar behind me fully, showing the man who would be his killer. I enjoyed the frightened look on his ugly face immensely. I used my claws, sticking them ever so slowly in the stump of an arm the man had left, enjoying the loud screams that erupted from his throat. I smiled cruelly once more, bringing the claw down to slice a hole in the flesh. Blood spilled out all over the pavement, and I ducked down to cover my black hair in it. It matted to my forehead but did not hit my face, leaving it as pale as it had been. The man looked at me with fear, and I wondered what to do with him. Kill him now, leave him for dead, or torture him? Torture seemed the best way to go... I hadn't tortured anyone for such a long time, it felt like.

My mind made up, I ran a single claw down the man's chest, severing his shirt so it fluttered down to the ground. This time, I flexed my fingers and ran all five claws across the tanned flesh of the nameless man, leaving deep, bleeding wounds. They wouldn't kill him, but that gash in his neck, my human instincts told him, would kill the man in less than five minutes. I did not desire to stop it up with whatever I could find just for a few moments of pleasure, so I decided to make the most of these five minutes. I proceeded in doing what had been done to me before I became an angel so long ago. I enjoyed the man's screams, but I vaguely wondered how humans could stand doing something like this to another human... especially me, I had just been a boy at the time, barely sixteen! What could a sixteen year old do that would make such men want vengeance on him...?

Shion waited and waited for me to return. Obviously, she had never killed anyone or she would have known how long it takes, and how demons like to relish in the death of their prey. Her heart sank as she suddenly had this feeling that I wasn't coming. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she set off to find me, following my aura in the air.

Once she saw me she smiled a little… but when she saw what I had done, her eyes widened and she shrieked, backing away.

"Adamantine…!" Afraid I might turn on her, she took off at a run and ran as fast as she could away from me, tears streaming down her face. Wiping them away to attempt to see what was in front of her, she tripped and landed on her stomach. Scrambling to her feet, she began to run again and stopped in front of a wall, turning around and sliding down it, crying heavily.

I'd heard my name called, and the sound of someone screaming, but I did not reply. I didn't care at the moment, as I pulled the man's entrails from his stomach, smiling with a sick sense of pride as I watched the man die, his innards all around him, leaving him in a sort of hell as he passed away in the dark alley, this small Hell. I sat back on my heels, watching the man with curiosity. I reached down to my own stomach, where the same things I'd done to this man showed in faint scars on my own body. Except I hadn't died when they pulled my insides out, strange enough. I'd died... burning. All I could remember were flames, and being so hot... and I remembered screaming for someone to help. Then everything had gone black, and I'd woken up in the angel resort. I shivered as my pale fingers traced the old scars, having indeed gone back to fingers. I gazed around through blue eyes, suddenly seeing the man whom my demon side had destroyed. I leaned over, and I vomited up the blood I'd apparently just consumed. Every time... every time my demon self killed someone, they ended up looking like this.

Shion was shuddering and crying, her body wrapped up to itself for warmth and comfort.

"I can't… he needsmy help." She scrambled to her feet and looked all over for me, calling my name. She caught my aura and found me lying down. She moved over to me and came into my field of vision.

"Good. You're normal again." She smiled with teary eyes and threw herself onto my chest, crying, clutching my shirt tightly in a clenched fist. "I was so scared you'd come after me!" She sobbed and buried her face in my chest. "I was so scared!"

I was dazed now after seeing that horrible scene, but I wrapped my arms around her loosely anyway, allowing her to burrow into my hold. I was silent for a moment as I collected my thoughts that had shattered from my demon self taking over. I frowned, groaning a bit. I knew I couldn't be nauseous from that sight; dead things shouldn't get those kinds of feelings. But I did feel sick, and I wasn't sure how. I held onto Shion a bit harder, listening to her crying. I figured that I should try and consol her.

"I... I wouldn't hurt you. Even if my demon self went after you, I would hold it back the best I could. There's no need to be scared."

Shion looked up at me, wiping away her tears. She gently moved up a bit closer to me and nuzzled against my neck.

"I was so worried about you… You should have seen what you looked like. I… I never thought such a kind person could mutilate such an innocent human..." She clutched my shirt tighter, balling it up in her fists. "Why, Adamantine? Why?" She asked, sniffling a bit. Tears still fell from her eyes. "I didn't think it was you." She confided softly and swallowed her tears. "But then, when your aura confirmed it, I… I was stunned." She gently kissed my cheek, making me draw back from her a bit. She didn't seem to notice. "What happened to you?"

I sighed, shaking my head. After a moment of silent thought, I pushed her off of me and stood up, shoving my hands in the deep pockets of my pants. I turned to face away from her, unable to own up to such a crime. No, this human I'd killed hadn't been so innocent, but... still, he'd most likely been tortured so horribly, and no one deserved that. Not even my old human self.

"I am a demon, Shion." Or at least, I'm close enough to one. "Killing people is what I do." I said finally, after a long pause.

Shion walked up to me and placed a hand on my shoulder. I wanted to squirm away from the touch, but I felt that wouldn't help either of us at all, so I didn't move to do it.

"I understand that, but." She smiled and placed her other hand on my shoulder, gripping them gently. "Adamantine. Don't push me away. Can't you see I want to help you? I may not be the ideal one to do so, I mean, I haven't even perfected flying, I don't know the full extent of my powers because I had no one to teach me, and I know that I'm probably not the prettiest one either, but… I still want to be your friend." She whispered. She actually wanted to be more than that, but she didn't say. "Let me help you, please."

I looked up into her eyes, my own filled with pain and hurt and more depressing emotions than I should have possessed, even for how old I was. I frowned, on the verge of crying. Demons weren't supposed to cry, but I reminded myself... I wasn't even a demon. I was a low-life, cast down from the angels to become a person of no importance. My life had no meaning, other than to mutilate beings that weren't meant to live beyond one hundred. My entire existence was a joke! I pulled away from Shion, pulling my wings into my body as I turned in the other direction, facing away from her. If I spoke one word, I was going to cry... I hated showing anyone this weak side of me. Only one person in my entire lifespan, human, angel, or otherwise, had seen that side of me. And now he was gone…

Shion grabbed my shoulder again, spun me around and grabbed my wrists.

"Don't push me away, Adamantine! I'm here for you! I want to help you!" She hissed and shook her head. "Adamantine, you're so stubborn! You think you can do everything on your own! Why can't you come and ask me for help!?" She asked and looked up at me with misunderstanding. "I know you think your life is so hard! Let me in! Let me help you, Adamantine! Please!" She looked at me, waiting for my reaction.

I scowled, unable to keep from letting out a small cry. I bottled the rest of my sadness inside the best I could, looking away from her so I could keep her from looking inside where everything I felt was revealed-my eyes. Then, suddenly, everything inside me burst, and I looked down just as my chest began to heave with sobs.

"Shion..." I pulled her into a tight hug, clutching her tightly as if she had said she was going to leave. My tears came out slowly, tears that had been stored for over three hundred years. Tears I had been desperately hiding from everyone. Tears that should have been shed long ago.

"I know I can't do everything myself... I know I should get someone to help me. But who would want to help me, a fallen angel? I've been rejected by everyone... rejected and left for dead, forced to wander in between the angels and demons and risk being murdered by either side! I've been forced to endure the burden of my life... and my afterlife." I looked up for only a moment, revealing iced over blue eyes at their breaking point. Slowly, my bottled up pains were streaming out over my face, leaving my emotional self naked and exposed, open for her, and only her, to view. I shivered, dropping to the ground beside the body I had deformed earlier and pulling myself into a ball. I shut my eyes and tried to drown out everything I'd witnessed, everything I was feeling. So many conflicting emotions... so much pain, so much chaos... If only I could just die, then everything would disappear...

Shion dropped down next to me, lifting me from the tiny ball I'd created with my body. She smiled gently and brushed the side of my face.

"There's the Adamantine I've wanted to see." She smiled and took me in her arms, wrapping her large angel wings around me. A white aura surrounded the two of us.

"Calm down, shhh." She cooed, trying to console me. "I can't say I understand what you're going through, because I don't. I just want to be there for you, like a good friend. I would be honored to help you, just ask." She smiled and ran her fingers through my hair gently, maybe even lovingly. "Just ask. Help will come." She whispered, closing her eyes, folding her wings and clutching me tightly. Shion rested her cheek on my head and smiled. "I promise I will use my entire being and power to always be there when you call, no matter what the circumstance and I never go back on my word." She nodded and rubbed my back, trying to comfort me. "Just call my name. I'll be there. Always."

I gazed at her wordlessly, my tears disappearing little by little. She hadn't even reacted when I'd said I was a fallen angel! That was probably because she'd been more focused on my slowly dissipating sanity at the moment, but... I looked around me at Shion's white wings that served as our barrier from the outside world. Unconsciously, my own raven colored wings erupted from my back, entwining with hers. I watched the wings that seemed to have a mind of their own, not sure what to say. My wings had only ever done these once before, and they had been white... Without a word, I wrapped her in my arms once more, this time leaning over to whisper in her ear. My voice was low and cautious, and probably slightly sexy as well. My crimson stained hair fell over one eye, making a red mark there. I smiled lightly.

"Shion..." I very slowly raised a hand to her face, running a soft finger down the side of her cheek and across her lips. I was full aware of what I was doing, and no, this wasn't my demonic side. This was me letting my finger trail down the side of her neck, watching her with heightened interest. Shion shivered and blinked.

"Adamantine..." She paused, frozen, her eyes following my finger, her heart racing a bit. A red color fell over her cheeks. "I…" Her eyes widened and she licked her lips. Nervously she shifted a bit, closing her eyes and then she grasped for my hand, taking it and bringing it to the side of her face, brushing her own cheek against it, purring lightly.

"Hm." She smiled and stroked my hands with her slender, soft fingertips. "Are you going to be okay now?" She asked, looking to me, her dark eyes opening slowly. "I hope so." She whispered and nuzzled her cheek against my hand once more.

I looked at her wordlessly once more, not even a slight blush rising to my cheeks. I hated when people touched me, and I hated when I was forced to touch people-unless I was killing them, of course-but this seemed to be different with Shion. I… I liked to touch her, for some strange reason. I blinked, cocking my head to the side.

"I'll be fine." I said flatly, my voice coming out more emotionless than I wanted. I winced a bit. "I just... I guess I got a little carried away." I pulled my hand back and let my wings come back into me, looking off to the side. I fiddled with a crimson colored strand of my ridiculously long hair, trying to get it away from my face. But the wind kept blowing it back, and I growled inhumanely. Shion frowned.

"I'm sorry, I took your signs the wrong way." She turned herself away from me slightly, blushing. "I… I misread you and I had no right to take it that way. I hope you'll forgive me." She sighed, putting her hands in her lap and clutching her pant legs, closing her eyes.

'Stupid!' She said to herself, shaking her head with disdain. 'Never! Never again!' She looked to me, her own wings folding. "I hope you can forgive me. I took it too far. I mean, we're just friends." Her heart sank as she looked away from me.

I looked at her sadly, shaking my head.

"There's no need to apologize... I did it of my own will." But before she could smile at that, I crushed her hopes-though not intentionally, of course.

"...I imagined... that I saw Blayne standing there... where you are. And I got carried away because I was so excited to see him, and then..." I frowned, my eyes icing over with new tears. I wiped them away hastily, not seeing the hurt in the other's eyes.