Of Happenstance and Mishmash

Warnings: This contains M/M relationships. If that's not your thing then please don't read and/or review, that would only bother us both in the end.

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Chapter One: Misses and Hopefuls

I walked slowly into the bar, trying to find my friends through the smoke and the crowd of people. The entire scene was intense, bodies moving, people singing, smoke everywhere and booze flowing. Another normal night at Danny's, the local bar everyone went to for live music and a good time. Elmherst was a fairly small town, big enough for a mall and a movie theater, but not too much else. The teenaged population was famous for being creative - me, my best friend Jane, and her brother, Michael, being the cream of the crop.

Seeing the other two crammed in a tiny booth on the far side against the wall, I started pushing my way through, bumping some chick and apologizing, then stepping on some guy's foot, almost tripping. This place was more packed than Santa's sleigh at Christmas!

Damn. This place is really freakin crowded, but the band rocks. Steelheads or something, the poster said. We get mostly homegrown bands around here.

Danny's is a small bar, on a corner in the crumbling downtown district. Not too many people cared what went on, since nobody was really close enough to be bothered.

The music flowed through me, thrumming in my veins and making my hips twitch. After a bit more pushing and shoving, I finally made it to their scratched up table, cracking up when I saw Jane pinching Michael's cheeks. What the hell were they up to now?

"Hey ya'll. Sorry I'm late. Stupid boss decided inventory would be a good way to earn my pay, lousy pay that it is. Ass made us count all the canned goods and cereals before he cut us loose. Jerkoff."

"Devon!" Jane squealed and threw her arms around my neck, tugging me into the booth and squishing Michael against the grubby brick wall in the process.

"Ugh! Sis, air, must breathe!"

She grinned and eased up on him, scooting me over to the edge and planting a quick peck on my cheek.

"Glad you're here. Want a drink? We got Eddy's brother to get a pitcher. He's still here, so we can always get another."

None of us were old enough to buy beer yet, I had turned eighteen a few months back, Jane was a year older and Michael half a year younger. Eddy was a year older than us and had been in school with us for years. He was a pretty decent guy. I counted him as a friend, although not as close as these two. But still, you could always count on him in a pinch.

"Hey. Who's that guy in the red shirt near the front? Short blonde hair, skinny?" she asked, eyes glued on the dude in question.

I had no clue. He looked to be about our age, but I'd never seen him around here before. He was pretty cute though. Tight ass and tighter jeans. I could see why she was curious.

"Dunno. Maybe ask Eddy. His brothers might know. Definitely a hottie. You should go get another pitcher, and maybe find out some more info while you're at it. Let me know what the playing field's like."

With that I got up and hauled her out of the bench. She was awesome at recon, so I let her go figure it out. I wasn't gonna waste my effort on the unlikely hope that I might have a chance. Scooting back in beside Michael, I watched him out of the corner of my eye. He was so adorable, and so oblivious. Long brown hair, rich and thick, tall, pale and wiry. Just the way I like em. Too bad he was mister I-never-notice-anything-until-it-bites-me-on-the-ass. And I would love to bite that ass and test the theory. If I could ever figure out what he thought, I wouldn't have to worry about the playing field, I'd just take the ball and run with it.

Dammit. I was about ready to give up though. A guy can only flirt and smile and wink so many times before it seems pointless, which really sucks. I'd liked him for about as long as I can remember. He's the boy that made me realize I'm gay, and the boy who would probably never know that fact.

It happened in ninth grade during gym class. We'd been held over for goofing off and were the last ones in to change. I couldn't stop staring at his perfect ass! So round and firm and touchable. I hadn't gotten up the balls to touch of course, but I did realize that making out with girls had never made me as hard as just looking at his naked ass. Hello! Guess I'm queer. Damn. Now what?

Well I'd figured out the now what in the form of flirting my absolute toenails off, to no avail. It was time to broaden my horizons. As much as I didn't want to, I didn't think his bread was buttered the way I wished. I was starting to wonder if it was buttered at all.

Seeing Jane weaving her way back, grin covering her face and hands full of beer, I figured what the verdict was gonna be. Good for her.

"You'll never guess," she gushed plopping down the beer and sloshing a bit on the scarred wooden table. "You're gonna like this Devon! He's gay!"

Her grin got bigger as my mouth fell open. Him? Gorgeous blonde dude dancing up a storm at the bar? Gay? Yes!

"Eddys saw him around town a little while back with another guy. A jock. Said the jock seemed like an idiot and he hadn't seen them together lately. So we're pretty sure. You should give it a go."

My inner child was doing cartwheels. Hell, make that backflips. Now to figure out how to approach him. Hopefully his beautiful exterior was matched by a halfway decent interior.

"Um. Devon?" Michael quietly mumbled from somewhere near my ear.


"Um. Are you gonna. Ya know. Talk to him?"

He almost looked unhappy at the idea. Nervous really. Wonder why that was? He's never much cared who I talked to. But there's never been that many gay guys around here to try with. Most were dominant jerks who only wanted a pansy to screw senseless. Sorry jackasses, not my cup of tea.

Michael's always odd when I flirt with guys. I was finally about ready to be honest with myself and admit that he really wasn't comfortable with it. I knew he'd never let me know, but damn it was gonna be awkward if it kept up. Yep. Buttered or not, it was becoming clearer what side he was on. I was good at denial sometimes, and it was never a pretty thing. Dammit.

"I think so. I mean, what could it hurt? Worst case scenario, I dance with a moron for the length of a song then drown my sorrows in beer."

Albeit not my favorite beer, but it would definitely do the trick in a pinch. Eddy's brother preferred quantity over quality, so it was always the cheap shit with him. But hey, beggars can't be choosers, and us younguns are just happy he'll buy.

"Wish me luck you two, I'm off."

Jane stood up and gave me a big thumbs up before reaching down and pulling Michael out. She always forced him to dance, never mind how much he hated it. Being the big sister, she just seemed to have this urge to make him join in. I think she also enjoyed embarrassing him a bit too. But hey, what are siblings for? I didn't have any, but that's what it always seemed like to me.

Time to be brave.

Gathering my courage, I plowed on. I'd always firmly believed that if it was worth doing, it was worth plunging forward and screwing the consequences. I did tend to get into a bit of trouble that way, but at least I never had to worry about the what ifs. I always knew. Sometimes I wished I didn't.

Pressing forward, I let the music take me. Hips swaying, arms raising, moments like these were just hot and sweaty, sexy and alluring all rolled into one. Good music could move me like no other.

I was just about to him, working it like crazy, when he reached in his pocket, pulling out a cell and answering it. Well damn. What now? Guess I'd better just dance my troubles away until he was free again.

Watching him discreetly, I started getting worried when his eyes got wet and his shoulders started dropping. Gone was the enthusiastic beauty of before, replaced by a scared looking creature who was trying his best not to cry. Deciding to help the guy out, I accidentally bumped into him, jostling the phone a bit.

"Let me call you back in a few minutes. I can't hear very well in here with the band and the people. It's pretty loud."

He hung up the phone and looked up at me with the most perfect green eyes I'd ever seen. Thumpity thump. Man, my heart was beating a mile a minute. The music flowed on, giving me adrenaline courage. Now to make my move.

Why was he calling now? Jason said he was going out tonight. Something about drinking with the guys from track and watching chicks. He still liked to watch half naked girls. No matter how many times he said he was just being one of the guys, I knew he really liked girls. He just wouldn't admit it to me. Most nights I wondered if I was just an experiment gone wrong and an easy lay. He'd never outright led me to believe otherwise. But I kept hope alive by telling myself that he wouldn't have wanted me to move here if I wasn't somehow important to him. Although how I hadn't quite figured out how yet.

"Where the hell are ya Peter? I came home lookin for ya and ya weren't waiting. Shit. Why do you think I brought ya here? So ya can go out and screw around?" His voice was crackling a bit over the phone line.

I knew what I was supposed to be doing. I was supposed to be staying home like the good little wifey I'd always been, and waiting thankfully for his attention. Normally I would be. But tonight, I dunno, something had changed tonight. He'd yelled before he left. And while that was nothing new, there was something really sincere about how he'd warned me yet again to act straight when his friends came over. I was just an old friend who needed a place to crash while I was between jobs and apartments. Nothing more, he'd threatened. I could still feel his fingertips on my arms where he'd grabbed me and shook.

I was just a down on his luck friend and I'd better not fuck it up, or else.

He'd pushed me away and answered the door like nothing was wrong, immediately dismissing me when his friends had asked if I wanted to come along.

It hurt. More than usual, it really, really hurt. Maybe I'd finally had my fill, but I was tired. So, so tired of being a hidden thrill and a public embarrassment to him. Sometimes I wonder what I ever saw in him. But then I'd remember the beginning and I'd cave.

"I'm sorry Jason. I-I thought you were going out, so I wanted to do something too. I didn't know you'd be home early."

"Yeah, well your bitch ass isn't supposed to party now is it. Head on home now, I'll be waitin."

Dang. Now I need to go home just to appease him. If I didn't, there'd be heck to pay tomorrow and I just wasn't up for it. Too bad. I really was having a good time here. The band was nice, and the atmosphere was just great. Happy people having a good time and joining together to dance and be merry; just what I enjoy. I hadn't been dancing since before I'd met Jason and I missed it.

He started to say something else, but someone bumped me and I almost dropped the phone. I knew we wouldn't accomplish anymore now, it was time for me to buck up and make my stand or slink home and make Jason happy with me. I knew what I wanted to do, but I was afraid of what the consequences would be.

"Let me call you back in a few minutes. I can't hear very well in here with the band and the people. It's pretty loud"

He grumbled a bye and cut the connection. At least that was over for the moment. Now what to do?

Looking up to see my bumper, I found the most adorable pair of chocolate brown eyes staring at me in concern. Had he heard? What should I say?

"Sorry about that. I didn't mean to listen in, but you looked pretty upset. Everything okay?"

He seemed genuinely interested. His eyes squinted a little like he was trying to peer right into me and make sure everything was all right.

"Um. Yeah. I'm fine. I think. Don't worry about it, you helped me out actually."

Now what had possessed me to say that? I snapped my mouth shut and cringed. I really didn't need to be talking about Jason with a total stranger. A total stranger who may or may not be repulsed when he finds out that was my boyfriend on the phone. Smooth Peter, real smooth. Way to top off the night.

"You sure?" he asked, squinting again like he really didn't believe me.

"Yeah. I'm okay. Thanks for asking."

I smiled at him and turned back to the tiny stage figuring that would be the end of our conversation when warm breath hit my ear.

"How about a dance to make up for it?"

Turning in shock, I watched as he grinned and started moving his body to the beat. He looked so cute, smiling at me and keeping rhythm with his hips. I couldn't help agreeing, even though I knew it was a bad idea.

Raising my arms and starting to sway I was swept away by the music once more. Until it struck me. Oh no. Was he hitting on me? Could he be?

I froze and stared at him, mouth stuck open at the realization and wondering if I'd just given myself away. I almost fainted when he slid his fingertips across my cheek, instantly reassuring me without words. He was. He seemed to be telling me with his soft eyes. He was. He told me yet again with his gentle fingers. He was!

I felt myself melt a bit under that tender gaze, my insides turning to mush as I watched him smile softly. I'd never felt like this beforeā€¦this instant attraction. Even Jason had taken longer to finally make a move on. Jason! Oh crap! Jason! What the heck was I supposed to do now?

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