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Chapter 2 – Much Needed Liquid Caffeine


Hurriedly pulling my arms down, I mumble a quick apology, hoping to make a clean getaway. Dang, just call me Clyde. But does that mean he gets to be my Bonnie! Oops, I really need to leave now. Bad mind, bad, bad. And, well, technically, I'd rather be Bonnie anyway. She had such pretty clothes in the old photos of her. Crap!

I just want to find a quiet cup of coffee and some time to think. Is that so much to ask? Surely to goodness there's a Waffle House somewhere in this tiny town. Although I haven't been out much, surely I can find one. I mean, how many places don't have at least one Waffle House?

Already lost in thought, the slightly sweaty palm on my shoulder startled me. Oh yeah!In my attempt at flight, somehow, and I really have no clue how, I'd forgotten my bumper was standing right there!

At the insistent tug on my elbow, I glanced up, amazed to see worry scrunching up his eyebrows and curling the corners of his mouth down in a frown. What?! I couldn't remember the last time someone worried over me!

"Hey. You leavin' already?"

That deep voice made the dadgum melt start all over again. Shoot! This was a fricking dandy can of worms I should never have opened. Smooth move Peter, real nice. Way to decide if my years with Jason were worth anything. I should have known better than to complicate things. I'm not stupid! Or at least I'd never considered myself such. This situation was really making me question my brain.

Coffee was sounding better and better right not. Avoidance? Me? Nah.

But crap. If I didn't hurry up and make up my fricking fracking mind, Jason was really gonna let me have it.

Rebel? Acquiesce? Cream, sugar, steamy black caffeine…

"You still with me?" That voice again.

"Yeah. I'm sorry. Just lost in thought I guess. I really should be going though. I-I have to be home soon." Way to go Peter. You should just join up with smooth-r-us. Now I sound like a danged kid breaking curfew. And dangit! Why the heck am I concerned about that. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

"A penny for 'em."

A penny? Huh? Crap. Spacing out again. Why hello Mr. Jetson, nice to see you. How are Mrs. Jetson and the kids?

"For your thoughts. Hell, I'd probably spend a whole nickel just to hear 'em."

He smirked then, and man did that little slant of his eyes and twist of his lips make my toes want to curl.

Hot?! Crap! Jason! Ding-dang fudgit! Quit digging the hole deeper Peter. Shoot, you've just plowed the whole field down to China by now. Ack.

"Hey," his breath hit my ear again, moist, hot and oh so right. Crap! "It's hard to talk in here, wanna go someplace quieter? There's a Waffle House a couple blocks away."

Shock floored me. Did he just read my mind? I watched the paddles float past on my own crap creek.


He looks so lost and confused. Like an ape with a fork. Funny shit that. The ape not him. Grinning I can't help but think about the time me, Jane and Michael snuck forks and spoons to the apes at the zoo. We'd been on a class trip to Danville. We'd all sure as shittin' got our ears blistered when we got back, bit it'd been worth it. And beside, the apes had so much fun it was crazy.

Back to lost boy. He was nibbling his lip with some pearly little teeth. Damn. Just call me Peter Pan. I'd love to take his ass to Neverland!

Shit. Backtrack. Better not think about that yet. Time to take the initiative and see what happens.

"Hold still, I'll be right back."

Better tell psycho sibling and butterless buns I'm leavin'. Still feeling the music, I jiggle my way over to them, winking over my shoulder and grinning like the goose that got the prime grade A gander. He was so checkin my ass out! I added an extra wiggle and found the funky pair, still tearing it up on the dance floor. Jane still torturing her brother and him still looking absolutely miserable.

I just couldn't help myself and let out a big ol' wolf whistle.

"Shake that thang!"

She grinned and he glared at me, turning fifty shades of red before slinking off to sit down.

"Hey. I'm takin' off. Catch ya'll tomorrow."

Jane grinned and gave me a big thumbs up before sidling up to some dark-haired guy currently holding the counter up. She really knew how to pick em.

Damn! Girl sure knew how to work it when she wanted too. Watching her start to jiggle and bump into him almost made me wish she wasn't quite so hollow below the belt.

Laughing, I danced my way back towards the front to find the pretty.

He'd moved off to the side by the time I found him. Glaring at his phone he still looked awfully confused. Lost looked so damn good on him. Man I'd really like to tinker his bell.

Shit. Not again. The hell with me and Peter Pan tonight? I did like fairies though.

"You ready? My car's out back if you wanna ride, but it's close enough to walk. Totally up to you.

He looks really surprised right now. Weird. What? Did he think I wouldn't need his opinion? Last I knew, dating took two.


He's asking me what I want? What? Jason never wants my opinion on anything unless it's what looks hot on him. And that's only so Mr. Closet-supposedly-gay-man can go and ogle chicks with his straight friends. That is just wrong on so many levels. I need to remember why I put up with him again. Coffee. Coffee and Jason. I need to think.

But right now I've got to make my mind up. And not just about the car. Do I really wanna go somewhere with this guy I just met? While my boyfriend is home being ticked at me? Do I even want to go home to see said boyfriend?

And in that moment, clarity hits. I know what I want. I want coffee.

"Um. Let's walk. If that's okay with you?"

I still can't quite grasp this whole decision making thing.

"Sure. Whatever's fine. Let's get out of here."

He leads the way, pushing past people with this sure stride and determined little swing of his hips. A take charge man. Like someone else I know. But he doesn't seem cruel or spiteful, just like he knows what he wants. I wonder if I'm on that list yet?

Crud. Jason. Jason. Jason. Jason.


We push outside and the blast of cool night air feels like ten kinds of wonderful. It's so refreshing after the smoke and sweat and stale air of the bar. That place was so crowded, I'm not sure I could even breathe any air that someone else hadn't held already. Stuffy. Gross.

But I loved the atmosphere anyway.

"Damn. This feels so good. Cool but awesome."

He turns left and I follow, trying my dangedest not to admire the way his jeans are hugging his butt and riding low on his hips. His hip bones are just peeking out from the band and begging to be touched. I ball my fists up and look ahead. Jason. Jason. Jason.

"It's just right ahead there. Turn right at the bank and down the block."

We walk on in silence, his footfalls soft thumps against the backdrop of cars on the highway a few streets over and the sound of a train, rumbling up the tracks somewhere nearby.

"Hey. I know you just met me and all, but I ain't a bad guy. At least I don't think so. What I'm sayin' is, you looked upset back there. If you need to talk I'm all ears."

He looks so sincere when he says it, staring at me like he really cares. I just don't get it. Why would some stranger worry about a man he met in a bar?

"Um. Thanks," I answer, not really knowing what else to say. Maybe. We'll see how it turns out.

Jason. Jason. Must think of Jason.

We turn at the bank and I can see the signs cutting through the dark, like the light at the end of the tunnel. Coffee is finally in my reach.

"Thanks for bringing me. I really was wanting out of there."

Manners first as my mother always reminds me. I wonder if life would have turned out differently if I were just a little bit less polite. Not that it matters. I can never bring myself to be rude. It just seems so, well, rude. That makes loads of sense. Ack.

"Hey. That's cool. I'm glad for the company. Not everyday I come across such a cute guy and get to take him to the Waffle House."

He grabs my hand and tugs me onward. His hands are such a shock, bigger than mine, thicker, more like a guys than my dainty little hands. And they're warm, they feel solid and safe.

Darn. Jason.


Wow. His hand's so small in mine, almost fragile. He's so fine. I do hope he talks to me about whatever's bothering him. I wouldn't mind helpin'. I lucked up and got a looker who wasn't an idiot. I'm definitely not lookin' that horse in the mouth, this gift's enough thank you very much.

Crossing the parking lot, I pull him along. The doors are in reach and hopefully conversation will follow. This'll just have to be our Neverland tonight. Damn Peter Pan!

"You smoke?"

Better make sure. He didn't seem the type but you really couldn't tell anymore.

"No. Do you?"

"Nah. Tried it and hacked a lung up on my first puff. Decided I'd rather breathe than be 'coo like dat'."

He smiled! He finally smiled and man did it look good on him. Such pouty lips and I'd finally got to see 'emsmile. Life is most definitely good.

"Booth or table?"

I was hopin' he said booth. There's nothin' like sprawlin' across a booth at the waffle house and just hangin' out. Call me weird but there really, really wasn't much to do around here. Just call me Mr. Waffle or would that be Mr. House?

"A booth would be nice, if that's okay with you?"

"Dude. I love booths, but if I didn't, I asked your opinion. It wouldn't hurt me one bit to sit in a chair if that's what you wanted."

Sitting down, I see him staring at me like I'm crazy. Well maybe I am. Just a little bit. But not over this. It's just common courtesy, ya know?

"Listen, you don't seem to like makin' decisions. Mind if I ask why?"

He's staring at the table now, those slender fingers tracing the boxy brown and orange designs. I wonder if he's plannin' on answerin'.

Just as I'm about ready to try again, the waitress pops up. Short little curly haired lady. Well padded grandmotherly type. She's waited on me before, but I never remember her name. The tag pinned on her brown, spotless apron says Doreen.

"Heya Devon. Haven't seen you in a month of Sundays. How you been hun?"

"I'm good. Been busy enjoyin' summer break. Got out a week ago and been workin' on my potato impression since then."

"You kids. Anyway, what can I get ya'll?" She asks, shakin' her head and pullin' out her little pad.

I look at blondie, man, I seriously need to ask his name. I'm such an idiot!

"Um. A cup of coffee please," he says quietly, finally looking up from the table and smiling at Doreen a little bit.

Coffee. That's it? I'm starvin'. Maybe we can split somethin' so at least I won't be the only one eatin'.

"I'm a little hungry. Wanna split somethin' with me?"

He looks at me, eyes wide. What's up with this guy?

"Whatever's fine. I'll eat anything if it don't eat me first as my mom says."

"Um." He looks at the menu placemat for a bit, eyes flicking over everything. Had no one taken him out to eat before? He finally stops and seems to be starin' at the chocolate chip waffle. Yum! My sweet tooth could conquer candyland.

"You like the chocolate chip waffles?"

His eyes light up a bit as he smiles at me. Looks like I was right. Go me!

"That sounds good," he says.

"Another coffee, lots of cream, and a chocolate chip waffle with two plates. Oh, and hashbrowns," I tell Doreen.

"You want some, cheese, ham, any of that?"


His smile's growin' and it's beautiful.

Doreen walks off, yelling our order over to the lone cook lounging behind the counter playin' with a spoon. This place always amazes me. They can remember some seriously hard shit!

When I turn back to him, he's grinning at me.

"It's pretty cool isn't it, how they can remember so much."

"Definitely. I'd be fired in a week."

He looks back at the tabletop like he's thinking again. Time to go into distraction mode.

"By the way, I'm Devon. Nice to meet ya."

Looking up, he laughs a bit.

"I'm Peter. And it really has been nice to meet you."

"I can't believe I'm just now gettin' your name. After all we've been through together. Dancin', walkin' and don't forget orderin'."

He laughs again, a soft tinkling sound. It's so pretty. How the hell did I end up here tonight? A hot guy, nice, sweet, with me. At the Waffle House. Maybe I'm the one in Neverland.

"About what you asked earlier. I'm ready to answer now if you're still interested."

He looks lost again and I've changed my mind. I don't like it. That little laugh suited him so much better.

"Yeah. I'd like to know."

It takes him a minute to start, he's pushing his silverware bundle around the table and looking nervous.

"Well. My current boyfriend, Jason, doesn't really like for me to pick anything. H-he likes to pretend I don't exist unless we're at home and no one else is there. That was him that called, back at Danny's. He-He's pretty upset that I'm not at home right now actually. I'm sure I'll be in trouble when I get there, but I'm really glad I met you tonight. You're a nice person Devon."

Well Damn. This Jason dude sounds like a real prick. Why the hell would he want to be so mean to such a nice guy? Dammit.

Peter looks like he wants to say more, but Doreen walks up with our coffee and he looks back down after thanking her.



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