A/N: Sorry about the lack of updates recently – my other story here has taken up a lot of my time. Oh, and a warning: LEMONLEMONLEMONLEMON…et cetera. So, without further ado:

The Morningstar master bedroom was a beautiful arching room, at the apex of the large dome of the mansion. A huge four-poster bed lay in the centre of the room, reached by a flight of low steps, purple comforter cascading down the sides. Bookcases wrapped around the curving walls, filled with tomes both ancient and modern. A drinks cabinet stood handsomely full, glittering under the soft lights that painted the dome a welcoming set of rich reds and yellows and dusky oranges.

A pool sunk into the floor at one end of the huge chamber steamed faintly while handsome cupboards stood around in grand array, light glinting from golden scrollwork.

Issendai's eyes were huge. "This is…"

"It's my favourite aside from Xenshan. You can see why, can't you?"


"The dome also opens, so I can look up at the shows they put on. They seem to always put the best over the Mansion. It's sweet, but rather wasted, I'm afraid. The show is very good tonight, I have been reliably informed."

"Oh. When does it start?"

"Just a little while longer," grinned Sendai, voice low and husky. Issendai looked up at him, happiness shining through his eyes.

"S-Sendai?" he asked, suddenly sobering.

"Issen, yes, what is it?" Sendai rolled over on the bed, staring at the Crowned Prince.

"I was just thinking…we haven't, you know, done anything like we used to, ever since you came back. Was it something I said or did or-" The boy looked so pathetic, so lost and alone that Sendai did not have the heart to break him.

"No, it was nothing you did, Issen. Nothing at all," he said, the lie bitter as gall on his lips.

The Crowned Prince grinned, a big, innocent smile that broke Sendai's heart. "Well, I was wondering…wouldyouliketogooutfordinnertomorrowtogether?"


"I said would you like to go out for dinner tomorrow – together. You know, a date."

"A date?" Sendai's surprise and unexpected joy overwhelmed his common sense. "You know…"

"Do I know what?" Issendai asked petulantly, pouting and opening his eyes to a puppy-dog size. Sendai's heart began to melt, despite all his defences and vaunted walls of ice and professionalism he had cultivated over four thousand years.

"Do you know…" he said, breathing deeply. "That's the first date you've asked me on since we started this?"

Issendai looked stricken. "It's not, is it?"


"I'll have to make it up to you in other ways, then. I'm sorry, Sendai."

The marbled arc, in accordance to the beginning of the show, shifted and moved, irising open. Gold and white were meeting high above, the whole pantheon of mythical beasts shining down on Sendai and Issendai as they slowly, sensuously stripped. Issendai was breathing heavily as he beheld the perfection of Sendai.

Almost of their own accord, his hands flew to Sendai's chest, lightly tracing the contours. Sendai convulsed and bit back a groan as Issendai suddenly attacked his nipple, sucking ferociously as he continued to trace the muscled outlines of the Vice-Admiral's body, never aging, eternally frozen in a virile instant.

"Issen…" groaned Sendai, as he captured the boy's mouth in a searing kiss, one that quickly turned possessive, Issendai suckling Sendai's tongue and nibbling lightly, purring deep in his throat. Issendai's talented tongue danced lower, licking and bestowing light, teasing kisses.

"Issendai Sato…" Sendai moaned, hands flickering over his naked body, stroking, nipping, teasing, playing.

The named only grinned, licking lower and lower, his breath hot on Sendai's sensitive skin.

"Stop…fucking around…Issen…"

"But it's so much fun," said Issendai, grinning wickedly before beginning to lick Sendai's erection in earnest, his breath a devilish temptation over the sensitive head. Issendai's tongue swirled and lapped appreciatively around its length, his fingers teasing and pulling softly. Sendai moaned in pleasure – he was only Sanuran and took his pleasures wherever he could get them.

Sendai tensed, waves of pleasure washing and rolling through him, a hot, dark tide that centred on his groin and surged up him. Issendai removed his mouth. "Issendai!" shrieked Sendai, disappointed.

"Uh-uh," he said, smiling as he crawled over Sendai's prone form, a delicious friction enveloping them. Sendai willingly opened his mouth and swallowed Issendai, burying his face in his hair, tongue a devilish dancer, sucking and pulling gently as Issendai sat back on his haunches, a smile of near-terminal bliss plastered on his face as he slowly massaged Sendai's erection, occasionally darting his tongue out to lick it, causing the man to hiss and flick Issendai's own playfully, eliciting indrawn breaths and clenching hands moving spasmodically over Sendai's broad rippling back.

Issendai bucked into Sendai's warm and welcoming mouth, tongue and arousal dancing in a carnal ballroom whose walls pulsed and heaved with lust. Hot, wet fire, white lightning charged with a billion volts of desire, rushed into Sendai's mouth and he swallowed appreciatively, enjoying the taste of the Crowned Prince as he moaned and bucked above him. Placing his hands on Issendai's heaving hips, Sendai slid himself out from under the boy and stared into Issendai's face, capturing him again in a kiss. Issendai moaned into it as he tasted himself coated on the Vice-Admiral's tongue and the man's own taste. He was of stars and light, boundless love and endless compassion, dark fire flickering within, a joy for anyone who could crack the façade of ice.

The Vice-Admiral broke the kiss and swirled one hand in front of Issendai. A small jar of thick, bluish gel, faintly scented, appeared. With a smile, he handed it with a flourish to the boy, who grinned and allowed the thick gel to slip down his fingers. Suddenly, he grinned and drizzled some of the lubricant over the Vice-Admiral, who winced and flinched as the chill struck his passion-heated skin, cooling his sensitive nipples. "Issen," he whined, prostrating himself.

"Okay baby, I'm getting to it," he said, kissing the Vice-Admiral as he slid one finger into him, moving it gently back and forth. A second finger quickly followed suit, and then a third, the Vice-Admiral hissing as Issendai's gently probing fingers found his prostate and caressed it lovingly.

"Oh, God, Issendai, more!" there was more, but it was lost in a rising tsunami of incoherence and pleasure as Issendai stroked and goaded the Vice-Admiral to the precipice before pulling him back. "Ah-ah, we can't have that now, can we?"

Sendai growled before flipping over and grabbing Issendai, crushing them together in a heated embrace, a delicious friction that Sendai began deftly manipulating until Issendai was practically begging. Sendai opened himself up again and brought Issendai slowly forward onto him, hooking the boy's alabaster arms around his neck as he bucked back onto Issendai, sliding smoothly onto the lubricated length, welcoming the hot dark fire and pleasant feeling of fullness that came with it. He rocked up and down, grinding his hips down on the hard wet length of Issendai, feeling it pulse and shiver. Issendai groaned and moaned, always vocal, the sounds reverberated from the dome and echoed through the mansion. The two reached their climax at the same time, each others' name being torn from their mouths in a single, exultant shout that reverberated and echoed from the dome and rattled around the deserted, darkened halls


"Ashera…I'm sorry."