There were purple flowers,

freshly picked,

by one hand,

maybe two,

and a smile wide across his face;

From a garden

carefully grown and tended daily

of dewy petals

of many colors

for a princess,

or so he thought,

whom at this very moment was making her way

to the castle gate.

A glass vase full of water;

he placed them carefully

each small bouquet tenderly arranged.

A sealed letter stood beside it;

inside were words written that somehow sealed fate.

He waited paitiently

or impatiently;

It seemed either way.

"Today was the day." he thought,

and that he had a longing to see her lovely face.

She traveled alone

across the covered bridge

surrounded by cold air

and a fog-like mist.

Her eyes were wide with anticipation;

full of hopefulness and sweet tears.

For years she traveled this familiar road

that always lead her to fear.

Her soul was full yet distracted

by the henchmen whom waited not far up ahead.

Promise being her only passion

but decision to be undecisive left her heart

weighted down like lead.

"Today is the day." She thought as she pressed

her lips together,

the color of a calendula in springtime;

"Today will be different this time."

He paced the floor

back and forth with dreams that raced

within his mind,

"How will I tell her,How will I ask her?'

He laughed to himself,

"God, I've been waithing for this all my life."

His heart on a string,

still floating in a hidden chamber

along a busy street;

Just to hear her voice,

like candied sugar,

gentle and sweet;

Soon the chimes to the main door will ring

and her words that she will softly speak,

like a choir of angels

will only make his flesh sing.

Orange Tiger lillies

were waiting in another room.

He breathed in deeply

and captured the scent within his soul,

he could still smell her sweet perfume.

Intoxicating is her fragrance and her personality.

"It was those qualities that first drew me to her."

He laughed a little at this thought.

Reminising on old memories and looking forward to the new-

He hide a red rose behind his back

as the door bell grooned.

one little knock and then a pause;

she waited and then with her own key-

unlocked the latch.

As she stepped inside,

he saw the light in her eyes

and the smile he adored

across those lucious lips.

She made her way up the stairway

and met him at the top for that

passionate welcomed kiss.

This was the beggining of forever.

A union built with honesty and love,

one that would last between tthem,

one that last together.

She had finally, after such a dark and winding road;

had found the pathway that staightened and led her to these

loving arms,

these arms she now calls home.