It's half past midnight
As I sat by my bedside,

Rain pattering through the window
I wonder what it will be like tomorrow.

Starlight illuminates the skyline
And the moon lit this life of mine.

Now I faintly realize,
How this was merely a disguise

I noticed I was silently laughing,
And a voice in my head kept saying

-How stupid of me.

All I wish was to see the morning light
But I guess I'm stuck in this moonlit night.

I fear death may come anytime soon,
Once the clouds reveal my waning moon

And the silence broken only by the church bell's rupture
Then death for me will only be another great adventure!

Ironic how it seems,
Soon I'll be with my dreams.

No longer will I see the new day's rays.
As I quietly lay down and closed my eyes…

-I slowly fade away.