Little raven listen to me

Look in my eyes and take what you see

Fly to the depths of the sea

Swim to the lengths of never-ending

Take me for who I am

Take me on the whim

I'll walk with you unto the end

Stay with me, my little friend

Darkened paths were so high

But with you I can fly to the sky

Swim to the bottom of the ocean wide

Look into my eyes and take my mind

It's a harsh world out there

Full of broken promises and hate

To live in reality, I'm scared

But it seems as though I'm to late

So young with a broken heart

Little raven take away this pain

Conscience tearing me all apart

Filling my body with disdain

I'll fly for ever

Holding on to fantasy

They think they're so clever

But let them try to obtain me

Jokes so not funny

People eager for money

What's life they say without death

Drugs making you so high they steal your breath

So little raven look at me

Steal away and take me to fantasy

With love so pure and love so deep

Little raven my friend to keep