Author's note: this is going to be a co-authored story with my wonderful sister. The title is not permanent, but merely a filler since we have yet to come up with a real ingenious one yet. This is a preview before the first chapter. -thanks, Teens

It was a cold winter's day. An icy wind moaned through the tree branches, rattling the few dry leaves that remained from autumn, and nipped sharply at the noses of those hurrying back to the warm shelter of their homes. The clear crisp atmosphere of the day was gradually growing dark and foreboding as the clouds thickened and turned an ominous pewter grey, foretelling the imminent arrival of a blizzard. Small, watery shafts of sunlight lanced through the dreary mist, radiating minute particles of light that cloaked the scenery in a gossamer rainbow shawl, glittering like small iridescent fairies.

The shadows deepened as the sun lowered towards the earth eventually leaving a solitary lamppost as the sole source of light. It shed a lonely beacon of yellowish light on the roadside. A heavy silence settled within the surrounding circle of trees. Then, faintly, a muffled sound rifted through the hush: the faint tinkling of a bell. The tinkling grew louder and accompanying it, the click of metal chains against one another and a whirling wine. A shape materialized from out of the mist, a large misshapen being on wheels. As it moved into the pool of light, a girl hopped from the handle bars of a bike and looked around uncertainly.

"I think this is it," she said as she walked over to the lamppost and bent down to examine its stone base. The other person on the bike dismounted, though with much more difficulty since he was rather smaller than the girl. He stepped lightly on the thick pedals, which had been fitted with two blocks of wood, and leaned the bike against a tree. He was fair of face and in his eyes, a merry fire kindled, giving him a half angelic, half mischievous expression. He went to lean over the girl, whose fingers were delicately tracing over the rough stone.

"Its much colder here than in London," he said, his breath coming out is small puffs.

"We are in London," the girl replied "The season is changed, that's all."

Her hands stopped their search as they came upon a shallow scratch in the stone and she gasped "I've found it, we're in the right place." Her comrade giggled and they embraced. The girl drew back, her almost white hair forming a halo around her face. Her eyes sparkled with tears as she regarded her small friend.

"What now? Everything's changed."

He regarded her fondly and brushed away a tear. "Nothing's changed," he replied "You're just a believer now."

"And what a difference that makes," She said jokingly though her voice trembled. "I'll miss you, you know."

"I know," he replied taking her hand in his small child-like one. "I'll miss you too."

It started to snow. Small white clusters fell gently, decorating the girl's hair with tiny crystals. "Will I ever see you again?" she asked.

He smiled softly and gently disengaged his hand, "Only in memory."

The girl jumped and looked around the gathering darkness. She blinked, gazing at the spot on the ground where her friend had stood now bare except for a light dusting of snow. She slowly stood and mounted the bike. For a moment she paused and faint laughter echoed through the falling snow. She smiled and took off into the darkness, the tinkling of the bell gradually diminishing into silence.