From here the buildings only get bigger

I'm in the big city, baby

And life isn't going to get any sweeter

These structures turn us into ants

While the rush hour traffic keeps us moving

Fast paced - life's a race

I'm telling you –

I've got to hurry up!

I'll throw myself into the street,

And wave down a taxicab –

I'll give the driver an extra tip

And I'll tell him it's from you

I'll venture down to the underground –

I'll give the subway your regards

The world has never seemed so bright

And you know…


When the sun goes into hiding

In this park

By the lights of a city that knows nothing of slumber

I'll scribble my message onto a fifty-cent postcard

I'll tell you how sorry I am

But the choice is mine to make

I hate to say it…

And I can imagine the expression on your face

When you find out that

I won't be home again

These skyscrapers and suspension bridges are too much

For me to sacrifice

You know I love you.

You know I'll miss you.

But, please, don't be upset

Because, you know…

I'm finally home, baby.

I'm finally home.