Nicole stroked Samara's face, sending a shiver down her body. She stirred in her sleep and looked up.

"Good morning." Samara stretched and yawned. For a moment she stared into her best friend's eyes. Then she was aware of reality.

"Oh God! What time is it? I have to call Momma!" Nicole laughed for a moment before kissing Samara forcefully so that she would stop rambling. It worked, and Samara put her hand on Nicole's cheek as she leaned into the passionate kiss. Nicole broke it, much to Samara's dismay.

"It's only Saturday Sammie. You don't go home until tomorrow. Don't worry about the time, you're with me. I won't let you forget to call Beth." Samara smiled.

"I know, but you know how I get."

"Yeah, you worry about everything. You know that you don't have to worry when you're with me though." Samara laid Nicole back onto the bed and straddled her, pushing her lips hard against her lover's. Nicole's arms snaked up her back and rested firm against her butt. Samara's tongue slipped its way into Nicole's mouth. She probed every inch of her mouth, tasting every part she could. Nicole's hands began to feel their way around Samara's body, caressing every inch of her soft skin. Samara broke their kiss when they heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She quickly rolled off of Nicole and grabbed her clothes. She ran into the bathroom conjoined with Nicole's room to act like she was changing. When she heard Nicole's sister, Natasha, come into the room she finished putting on her clothes.

"Where's Samara?"

"Good morning to you too, 'Tash."

"Good morning Nikki."

"She's in the bathroom."

"Oh. Well, Mom told me to come tell you that breakfast is ready." Natasha said as Samara came out of the bathroom in clean clothes.

"Gooood Morning 'Tasha!" She said with a smile.

"Hey Sammie. Sleep well?"

"Very well!" She again smiled brightly while saying this.

"You're weird." Natasha said shaking her head.

"Tell Ma that we'll be down in a minute, I want to wash up before I eat."

"Alright." Natasha said walking back down the stairs. Nicole smiled and stood up in her underwear. Samara looked her up and down and bit her bottom lip. Nicole walked up to her and wrapped her arms around her waist. They kissed gently before walking into the bathroom. Nicole stood in front of the sink while Samara stood behind her. She lathered up her hands with soap. Samara wrapped her arms in front of Nicole and turned the faucet on. She placed her hands over Nicole's and scrubbed her hands under the warm water. Nicole closed her eyes as she felt Samara's chest against her back. They let their hands go and cut the water off. Nicole pulled on a long shirt and some shorts that she usually slept in and they walked downstairs.

Downstairs Natasha and her mother had already set the table and put the food out. They were sitting and waiting for the other two girls. Then they heard the giggling of the two as they walked downstairs.

"It's about time!" Natasha said as her sister took her place at the foot of the table, directly across from her mother. Natasha sat to the right of her, and Samara to her left. They always sat like this. It was one of the simple pleasures of Samara's life. She could always look forward to her trips to Nicole's house, because she was welcomed as one of the family. She was viewed as a daughter by Chelsea, Nicole and Natasha's mother, and Natasha and her got along greatly. However, this is one reason that Nicole and Samara had to keep their relationship a secret. Also, religion and strict parenting on Chelsea's part kept Nicole in fear of her mother ever knowing that she was with another female. These were the cruel realities of same sex relationships, and they were things that Samara had seen and been through her entire life. Samara always knew that she liked females, and she was proud of it, however, only with people at school. It took her a while to tell her mother, who was also religious. When she told her mom, though, she was upset initially, but still accepted her daughter. Despite all of that, though, they stayed together. They loved each other, and nothing could change that.

Samara came back from her thoughts of her secret relationship to see everyone folding their hands and closing their eyes. This was the uncomfortable part of her stays at the Walters' house. They prayed before every meal. Samara believed in God, but she did not pray at every meal, or even before she went to bed, only when she felt it deep in her heart that she needed to. She did, however, pray while she was at their house. The all looked up from their prayers. Random chatter ensued and everyone ate their breakfast.

A/N - I know it sucks, but it's sorta personal experience. I really hope everyone likes it.