About an hour after everyone had finished eating Chelsea walked into the living room where the girls were watching 'Hellsing', one of their favorite animes.

"Samara, you're staying the night again, right?"

"Yes ma'am. Why?"

"Well I was wondering if you could stay the night with Nikki, because I have to run to Tennessee overnight, because Mother is having trouble."

"Oh, so it'll just be us and Natasha?"

"No, Natasha and my sister are going with us. Are you girls going to be ok alone overnight?"

"Yeah, we'll be fine."

"Well here's twenty dollars, you guys can order a pizza or Chinese or something for dinner." She handed the bill to Nicole.

"Alright, be careful Mom."

"I will." She turned to go out the door. "Oh!" She said turning around quickly. "If you girls want to go swimming it's ok, but be back inside before eight!"

"Ok, cool."

"Bye Ms. Walters."

"Bye Ma." She kissed her daughter and her and Natasha left for the car. Nicole locked the door and they watched out the window for their car to leave. As soon as it was out of site Nicole ran up to Samara and jumped into her arms.

"All night!"

"Just us!" Samara kissed Nicole.

"Well, let's go swimming!" They ran upstairs to Nicole's bedroom. Nicole threw a bathing suit at Samara to borrow. As they changed Samara couldn't help but watch and stare at Nicole's perfect body. She stared at her dark brown skin and licked her lips.

"How do I look? I hate bikinis!" Samara looked her up and down, over every curve of her body.

"You look amazing."


"Definitely." They took each other's hands and went to the apartment pool. At first they just sat in the sun chairs, but Samara quickly ran into the pool and jumped in. Nicole laughed at first, but then she noticed that Samara wasn't coming back up. She ran to the side of the pool and looked in. She had her hands planted on the ground, and she was on her knees. She could she the dark spot at the bottom of the thirteen feet that was her best friend, but she noticed she wasn't moving. She turned to see if anyone was around, but there was no one. While her head was turned Samara came up and grabbed her hands, pulling her into the water. When she came to the top of the water Samara was laughing hard.

"THAT'S NOT FUNNY!" Nicole screamed. Samara continued to laugh.

"Oh, well, I thought it was."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah!" The next thing Samara knew Nicole dived under. She looked around, but couldn't see her. Then she felt two hands move up her inner thigh and began to tickle her. She gasped and went under the water. She wriggled away from her attacker and fell against the wall of the pool. Nicole came up and smiled.

"Ok, truce!" Samara screamed as Nicole made her way to tickle her again. She smiled.

"Alright." She wrapped her arms around Samara's neck and kissed her cheek. She then made a trail of kisses from her ear to her neck. Samara shivered.

"You know that's off limits!"

"Nothing is off limits!" She said winking at her. Samara's neck was her tender spot. If anyone touched it she would melt. That and her ears. The only person that knew that was, of course, Nicole. Samara retaliated by kissing her to keep her off of her neck. Their tongues intertwined and they ducked under the water. They played like this under the water for about three hours, but to them it seemed like it was ten minutes. They dried off and went back inside, laughing and smiling.

They were always like this together. They always were finding ways to make each other laugh, and they hated to see each other sad. Even during the hard times they kept each other smiling. When there was loss or pain in one of their lives they could always cry on the other's shoulder. Nothing could ever keep them apart, or so they thought.