Most Wanted Killer


Most Wanted Killer , stories that will keep you scared for days on in *or hysterically laughing*

Most of these stories are based on real live people , my friends weren't to excited about getting their heads chopped off . But that's just their problem... Just remember in these stories NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE! *Evil laughing*

*Wind and the Wire*

Amanda Blair and Lauren Clark were best friends. Jim Blair, Amanda's dad asked Lauren if she wanted to go on a trip out west , or at least the Grand Canyon. "Sure, I'd love to go" Lauren replied. Amanda and Lauren packed up their stuff to for the trip. "Ok let's see .. I have my brush , my clothes and my tooth paste and my... She babbled on for a couple more minutes . Amanda stared at Lauren's black hair and brown eyes , *sigh* I'm really beginning to think that , that hair dye seeping into her brain... she thought. "C'mon guys we don't have all day!" Amanda's dad yelled.

*Flash Forward*

Mean while Amanda and Lauren waited at the airport for 6 hours. The actual flight took 4 , "When are we going to get there ?" Lauren whined. "For the 5th time Lauren, when we land we'll be there OK!" Amanda screamed at Lauren. Everyone else on the plane stopped what they were doing and stared at them. Amanda sat back down in her seat, pretending she wasn't the one who yelled.

*At the Airport*

When Finally after 4 grueling hours of hearing Lauren whine they landed in Phoenix Arizona.. They could see the Grand Canyon from the airport window. "Cool!" Lauren exclaimed. They saw a sign hanging down from the ceiling . Burro Down Camp Ground, "Is that where we're staying?" Lauren queried . "Yep sure is , isn't beautiful?" Amanda's dad said. "Yeah, whatever." Amanda said under her breath.

*Later at the Camp Ground*

Amanda begged her dad into letting them ride the donkeys down into the canyon. As they were going down they saw some Chippewa Indians . One had a piece of barbed wire in his hand. "Ok now I'm getting creeped out. " Amanda muttered. Lauren and Amanda nudged their donkey to go a little faster.

*That Night*

That night Amanda and Lauren snuck away from the camp ground. They were playing night tag near a cliff , when they just happed to bump into one of the Indians. He was holding a piece of barbed wire in his hands. Lauren and Amanda turned to run , but the Indian snatched them up and choked them with the barbed wire. The mysterious Indian tied them together with a rope and threw the bodies off the cliff. Soon after a search was put out to look for them , but they were never found. Only the Indians know where they really went...

*Ok I know that was demented* But be sure to look out for other M.W.K. stories. Next time Pick Ax Joe