"That We Might Leave"

Another train has come and gone

Speeding past those looking on

Leaving all who wait alone

To contemplate the coming dawn.

And how the days are cold of late

Or why we yield our lives to fate.

Now all the summer birds have flown

And we remain behind to wait.

There, ensconced in seas of mist,

A station where our doubts persist

And shadowed trains depart from home

For places that our hope has kissed.

Wreathed in thick disquietude

Our thoughts, behind false fortitude,

Strike out upon the paths unknown

In search of naught but solitude.

Thus each awaits a distant train-

Though drenched with reveries and rain

-Releasing all that we have known

That we might leave and not remain.

June 7, 2006

Author's Note: There isn't really much to be said about this poem. I began writing it because I wanted to write a poem about a train station. Obviously it turned out to be about must more than that but that's how it goes sometimes. This is about leaving, or rather waiting to leave, everything that you have ever known, and the trepidation that goes along with leaving the familiar. Take from it what you will. Reviews are very much appreciated.