Just leave!

Confusion ripping through me

My mind swirling into death

You captured my heart and even my breath

If i think back and remember the day

The time I tired so hard to ignore

The day you walked so far away

And left me forever more

Your image haunts me

Every where i turn to look

Your the one i see

Like a never ending book

I just can't escape this urge

It's driving me to insainity

I can barely eat; just my beinge and perge

Thats soon going to kill me

My thoughts are overwelmed with your name

Life evoling around you

Lusting over you have I no shame

But I don't know what else to do

Weakness taking over my heart

Where am i to go

Darkness tearing me all apart

And I'm so lost to the worldly flow

Our love was cold to the touch

Warm to the heart

I want you so much

But we've grown so far apart

Our hearts were broken

The days were prolonged

Not a word was spoken

And all that's playing, is that stupid love song

I figured after you left that'd be it

The understanding was that we were through

We decided to just let it go and quit

But one problem I'm still in love with you

You trambled into my life like a freight train

Why did you have to come through my door

Bringing with you all the memories and pain

With your hints of wanting me to be yours

I'm tired of breaking up

Make up your mind!

You're killing me with your love

And making me blind

You gave me depression

That cut through my heart

With your very essence

Cutting was just the start

But whose to say whats right and wrong

All I know is that I'm tired and gone

So as I slip into darkening dream land

One oppostion I give to you

If you love me, save me, take my hand