This pain is killing me

How am I supposed to go on, when I can't even breath

I tried to control

All the pain in my soul

But it jsut came back and killed me even more

How am I supposed to be strong

When my hands keep slipping and I can't hold on

Cut my self to see how much I can bleed

Out on my bedroom floor

The kitchen full of memories

That I can't handle anymore

No one understands

They say it's normal

For me to be this mad

But I can't even smile

Where have we gone I don't know

All I wanted was to be yours

But now all I need is for you to go

Right out that door

That leads to death

Feel how it feels to lose your breath

But wishing strife on you

Wont do me any good

So I bless you in all you do

As I should

So good bye

To live, to breath

What you took from me

Well this is my last time

To see myself alive

A/N- its not really that good i wrote it on the spur of the moment. my ex bf who i dearly loved and always will plays me all the time. one day he's all over me like he loves me the next he's sayin how much he likes this other gal. well i just get tired of having my heart re-broken on a daily basis so i vent in poems liek these..i'll take ne critism on this thxz