Falling through empty space,

my body numb and cold,

skin chapped and frozen,

falling upwards out of the abyss.

The ground flies away from me,

I'm heading towards the stars,

the clouds part like wasted smoke,

Flying backwards through space and time

never seeing where I am going,

Only where I have been ...

The sky flies past me,

the clouds travel so slow that they don't seem to move.

Without realizing I unfocussed my eyes,

I lay back on the grass,

my mind goes blank,

my body numb,

my breathing slows,

then completely stops.

I gaze at the heavens,

neither alive or dead,

unaware of anything I could see around me,

but aware of everything I could not see.

Time seemed to speed,

yet stay still.

The clouds seemed to shift,

and reveal the neither plain of existence.

All my dreams revealed,

my fantasies and creations,

hovering above me,

out of reach.

I reach out my hand,

it slowly defies gravity and reached to grasp the midday moon,

feel it's warm ray wash over my hand and gather in my palm,

the ultimate power,

held in my feeble hand.

My hand fell and landed heavily beside me,

my eyes refocused,

my body awakened,

my breathing started again,

all thoughts and sounds rushed back into my head.

I smile, though it is a sad smile

though my time was short,

I experienced the mystery of life,

my dreams and fantasies,

like watching a flower begin life and slowly begin to bloom

May the black rose petals always fall ...

in my mind ...


The breeze comes by - sighs a greeting

It wraps around you - a loving embrace

Moths wings brush against your cheek - a sorrowful good bye

Ripped black rose petals a falling - a love lost - a century gone by -


My words are singing -

like frozen glass.

My time is ending -

oh so fast.

White feathers are falling -

stained to grey.

Night is blooming -

flying under the midnight sun ...