There she was soaring by,

Without a care in the world,

Right at the side of us as we walked,

Hand in hand towards the end of the road.

I followed her movements,

As she gracefully wisped this way and that,

Flowing softly with the music in my mind,

Her wings were as the sun,

Beams down on a summer's night,

And the wine red flowed down her back.

Her spots shining as white light from a star,

Streaming this way and that,

Like a leaf on the edge of a river.

The proof that beauty could live,

In a city full of on going life,

Flying high into the sky,

Her delicate wings once a caterpillar,

Now the essence of life and beauty,

Just like in the real world everything,

Has to come to and end.

The butterfly once lived,

As we walked hand in hand,

'Till the end of the road,

I watched her as she gracefully moved.

Then the lorry wisped her life away,

Just as quickly as she had got it,

Yet we carried on walking on

Hand in hand at the side of the road