That's Perfect

By xInSaNexBlOoDyxPrInCeSs

Receiving a fuzzy teddy bear

For my fourteenth birthday

From you

Makes me happy, but…

Who doesn't get a teddy bear?

Especially from their boyfriend?

The teddy, though cute…

Has little meaning

Does it really mean anything?

Probably, you lost your brain

Couldn't think of anything

So you asked your friends

And they told you this

"Buy her a teddy bear…

All girls love teddy bears."

They're probably right, but…

You just raced into the store

And grabbed the cutest one

But it doesn't mean anything

It's not personal

When you burn me a CD

That has all the songs we danced to

When you give me a yellow rubber ducky

Because you know I love yellow, and ducks

When you hand me a book

By an author I've always loved

When you make a collage

Of pictures of me and all my friends…

Now, that…

Is what makes me look at you

And smile

And say, "That's perfect."