The kingless king part two

I tell you this dear reader, for in this letter I bear my soul. Cause in deep sorrow I find myself alone. And I travel through time and space to seek out a dear friend. For in early written I found our souls to be the same. I found me to be kin to the kingless king. When I came to his kingless kingdom he knew me right off. And in open arms he said, welcome home dear brother. He bid with sorrow our way to seek me in a conversation. Upon his eyes deep surprise but nothing in vain.

A crown of gold upon our heads he said enter our place of deep sleep. And I say dear friend I have not come back to sleep, but to know the rest of your story. For what I written first time the souls above hated you just as you said. Now in vision of wondering he say behold. The churches ware clothes of death. And all its tongue knows is woes. For that day when I seek after my wife the churches said, we murder her once before.

(Which means they took away all memories of him, so that she shall not know her rightful husband?) He said, a man like me loves in great dark secrets. Who praise the father and son in death and misery? For I thought it was them that took away my wife. And for that simple misunderstanding I did weep woe is me. It was the churches that disguise me in her mind. When I saw that she knew me not I destroy my life.

And the angel mild came to me in my heart's full delight. And say he who made you forgive you, but now the work is you're to do. (This means, to help her remember.) And I said, dear brother my heart cries out for you. Cause our hearts are like the same. But continue to speak before time calls out my name. And he said graceful are you dear brother to hear my silent voice. After an Eaon had pass I mat her again. (eaon which means life times) and this was what was said. The king – be not invisible now dear wife open your eyes to see me.

The queen – non entity I please to never leave you again. For in spirit we are marry, but me being human makes you the majesty. How can I touch you? The king – dear mother of adoration pour full my heart our hearts to kiss you. But this veil stops all that. The queen – woe to my soul how I truly wish to die, for in human life I be marry in this virgin envy. The king – envy has no place with us so give it no power. For surly time move fast and so do the hour. The queen – the churches has broken our Covent our open doors. With your love so full like a virgin spring and my love is sour to know it. The king – pour out your temples for the moisture of birth is awoken. Birth or broken bones let us leave with a single kiss. The queen – in fear my dear king did you forget. Such a thing is forbidden in the state we're in. and with that dear brother the veil cover our eyes. And I wanted to sleep.

And I said, the odors of ripe calls my feet and now I must leave you again. And he said, with good farewell I bid you dear brother to visit as you will. And with that I laid my pen down.

By Ronald