The wanted

Here in hell I wish for those the best. But the souls here hate the fact that they are suffering this terrible death. But a secret was told to me. That if the soul and the spirit would agreed the wrong that was committed could be made right and the soul would be set free from hell. Here are the souls of the baby cry. Those who have die without knowing the reason why? And how alone they are.

Till they see the birth of the lord star, than out of nowhere a soul spoke,

Over here seeker of souls I will allow my story to unfold. We are the sadden souls that love too much but in the wrong way. We loved ourselves, our money, and our lust for fame. Those are the people we once were. Now forgotten in this dirty hole, our sins bent us on every ear and rent and beat us well if we shout.

And we look east and west and south and north but there is no way out. I reply, tell me in great detail why your life beat you so. The spirit, wealth and fame were all we care about. Faking to people that God came first. Even dough we die young and old. We all suffer this punishment in this hole. Now the lord told me to move on. And I came to a place I was told not to tell of how it looked. And soon suddenly a spirit came upon me. He came to me with the darkest words.

Seeker of souls once again your come to see what lies in the darkest land. Again like a whisper into the night we went to the earth light. And in this dirty stood those dirty souls for I could not see who all was here. But the sins of these souls yell out to me. Yes – yes we know you. You are that one they call the soul seeker. What a high office you hold. To tell these human our stories below. Now behold soul seeker a great story will be told.

We were the children of them that held the keys of time and space. That once opens and closes the doors of heaven and hell. But the most high God gave that office to a human and we grew jealousy and angry with great rage. Than the father saw that we were not worth his love anymore. So we rebel against him by teaching human the secrets of the universal. And we took wife of our own pleasure. When the father heard of this he than called Michael to cast us and our children into hell.

And I reply your punishment fit you well, and they all begin to yell. And I left that place, to return home and I stop writing and laid my pen down…

By Ronald